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     Homework will be assigned nightly. I will primarily use the board in my classroom to give the details for each night's work. I do this because students must develop organizational skills and a sense of personal responsibility. When I post assignments on my Schoolwires page, it will be done before 6 PM. If no assignment appears, simply refer to the one copied in your assignment pad during class. When in doubt, phone a homework buddy.

    Broken Printers: Yes, my printer breaks, too ; ) When this happens, e-mail your assignment to a friend and have them print for you. This works much better than printing in school. It is easy and fast. DO NOT simply skip the assignment.

    Broken Computer: This, unfortunately, has happened to me, too. A broken computer is an entirely different matter from broken printer. When this occurs, simply write your assignment by hand. In addition, please have a parent write you a note explaining the tragedy.

    Typing VS. Hand-writing: I recommend that you type each assignment (with my heading at the top). If your handwriting is like mine, you'll understand why I recommend this. If you print like a machine, go ahead and impress me.

    My Heading:

                          Mr. Fisher                                                          Your Name
                          English 7

    Skipping Questions: Don't do it. You must attempt each question. Do each one to the best of your ability. We will go over all the questions in class the next day. Skipping questions will result in a "no homework".