Peer Led Learning Plan
    1. Talk to one of your current teachers about what you want to teach and get their approval.  If the first teacher you speak with isn't able to say yes, ask a second teacher.
    2. Create a "formal" lesson plan.  You may use this template or another means you and the teacher agree upon.  If you would like to see a sample lesson and its corresponding presentation, here are two examples:
      1. Commodities
      2. Physics behind (paper) airplanes
    3. Fill out this Google Form.

Peer-Led Learning Plan

  • We are excited to launch Scarsdale High School's first week of Peer-Led Learning!  All students are encouraged to talk to one of their current teachers about teaching either a half period or full period lesson the week of April 18 to April 22.  If there is ANYTHING you dream about sharing with your peers, whether it's something you've been learning since you were little or a newfound passion, this is your opportunity to share with your classmates.