• Welcome to 6th Grade Exploring Music!

    Please check our Schoology class everyday for class assignments and announcements.

    We will investigate various styles of music, cultures, musical technology, and musical instruments. We will create and experience various forms of music and projects including digital, acoustic, and electric styles and will reflect on the skills learned and ideas discovered. 6th Grade Exploring Music class meets every other day on an A/B day schedule.

    We will experience individual and group projects including: composing music, learn to play the ukulele and percussion instruments, record, invent/build a musical instrument, and learn about the different instruments of the orchestra.


    Essential Questions:

    • What elements of music are critical to describing how instruments, sounds, and different styles of music sound?
    • How does music show meaning, emotion, themes, and ideas?
    • How can we create/compose music to reflect themes, ideas, passions, concepts, and styles? 
    • How do form, pattern, ostinato, etc. interact with composition?
    • How is music related to other arts and subject areas?
    • How is music part of your life and culture as well as other cultures? How can we develop sensitivity to various styles of music?
    • How can technology interact with our musical experiences? (Flat.io composition software, GarageBand)
    • What are some types/families of instruments, and how do they produce sound?
    • What skills are needed to play a musical instrument (ukulele, percussion), and how can we practice and perfect them?


    Students must bring the following supplies to class:

    • Pencil - must have at least one (1) pencil in the Exploring Music envelope/folder, which is kept in the classroom and provided by the teacher. If you lose or take your pencil by accident, bring another one from your pencil case, and leave it in your envelope for Exploring Music class.
    • iPad - be sure to charge your iPad overnight and during the school day.
    • Additionally, students will be provided with supplies, instruments, etc. in class regularly as appropriate for our units of study. 


    Social Courtesies:

    • Arrive on time for class. Arriving late is disruptive, and you will miss important class information.
    • Respect each other by demonstrating polite and courteous behavior at all times (during independent/group learning and instrument use). Do not call out or shout. Stay in your seat, and minimize social talking. 
    • Come to class prepared with all supplies and materials (including iPad).
    • Do not chew gum or bring any liquid/food into our music classroom.
    • We share this classroom, return all materials back to their respective places before class dismissal.