Student Chromebooks

Student Chromebook Usage

  •       Our students, from their previous experiences at Edgewood, have been assigned individual Chromebooks. It is the expectation that students understand that these Chromebooks have been allocated to them for the purposes of doing assigned schoolwork and research.  Every year, our students receive clarification from myself and from our Technology Teacher, Mr. Tomizawa, about our Appropriate Use Policy, are educated on the correct use of their equipment, and are advised of the possible consequences of misusing this technology. 

         There are numerous assignments that students will receive and carry out on their Chromebooks, and must bring them home on those occasions when their work mandates its use. When at home, students will take proper care of their equipment, and are expected to keep it fully charged for the next day. 

         Homework assignments will be posted on Google Classroom, where students have access to their work and to any materials that are uploaded for various projects.