Inclement Weather Communication

  • The decision to close school, delay its opening, or dismiss students and staff early is made by the Superintendent if the District believes that current or potential conditions pose a potential danger to students and staff. Some of the factors that contribute to these decisions include the precipitating event, weather conditions (both in-the-moment and predicted), students and staff safety, days with special activities/events, and, of course, the balance of losing a day of session when that day may need to be rescheduled later in the year. For weather-related schedule changes, decisions are made in coordination with other local school districts, whenever possible. 

    All notifications to High School students, District-wide staff, and parents/guardians are made via text messages, robocalls, and by email using the Blackboard Mass Notification system. 

    • Please note that staff and parents/guardians/caregivers should make contingency plans for closings, delays, and early dismissals well in advance of an emergency event. We recognize that both staff and parents/guardians may have commutes that make responding to schedule changes difficult; therefore, we ask that everyone make advance plans in regard to transportation, childcare, and other needs. When schools are closed, delayed, or dismissed early, childcare and supervision are not available at any of our schools.

    Important information
    regarding types of schedule changes:

    • If the decision to close or delay school the evening before any given school day, notifications will be sent by 9:30 p.m., whenever possible.

    • If the decision is made the day of school, notifications will be sent between 6:00 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., whenever possible.

    •  If the decision is made to delay the opening of school, the delay will be for two hours, unless otherwise indicated in the message.

    • If the opening of school was delayed and conditions worsen to the point of a need for closure, the decision to close school will be made by 7:30 a.m., whenever possible. Notifications will be sent as soon as the decision is made.  

    • If it is necessary to dismiss students early, the decision will be made at the latest by 10:00 a.m., and notifications will be sent as soon as the decision is made. 

    Transportation Notes:

    • In the event of a delayed start or an early dismissal, transportation will be provided to eligible students (students who already normally ride the bus). If the opening of school is delayed, students will be picked up at their bus stops TWO hours after their normal pick-up times.  Early dismissal  will take place at 11:20 for the Middle School, 11:45 for the High School, and at noon for elementary students.

    For all Closing/Delays:

    • Information will be posted on the District website, cable TV stations (Cablevision Channel 77, FIOS Channel 27), and District Facebook page: (

    • Local media will be notified, including News12, NBC-News 4, WHUD-FM, and online news websites such as the Journal News/LoHud, Scarsdale Inquirer, Scarsdale 10583, Scarsdale HamletHub, Scarsdale Patch, and Scarsdale Daily Voice.

    Make-up Days/Remote Learning Days

    • New York State public schools are required to hold 180 days of session inclusive of up to 4 Superintendent Conference Days. The typical school calendar in Scarsdale schedules 185 days of session.

    • In addition to days of session, grades K-6 are required to hold at least 900 hours of instruction annually, and grades 7-12 are required to hold at least 990 hours of instruction annually.

    • If the number of emergency or inclement weather-related school closures indicates that our schools will fail to meet one or both of these minimum requirements, days of session and/or instructional time will be added to the calendar using one or more of the following options.

      • Half-days scheduled for the last week of school may be extended if it is necessary to add additional instructional hours.

      • Vacation days scheduled for April (a.k.a. Spring) break will be scheduled as days of session.

      • As a last resort, if the above are not available due to the timing of necessary school closures in the school year, remote learning days may be scheduled in lieu of an additional school closure.