Homebound Instruction Program

Homebound Tutoring
  • The Scarsdale Schools have long provided academic support to homebound students. Typically, this was a very small number of students annually, who were home for two weeks or more due to medical, emotional or disciplinary problems. For these students, the District provided an hour of homebound instruction per day for the duration of the illness and absence.

  • The ongoing public health emergency has increased our homebound student population exponentially. In light of the increased need and the unique nature of the pandemic, the District has expanded the homebound tutoring service to 10 hours/week for all qualified students. This is double the amount of previous service provided. 

Who is Eligible For Homebound Instruction?

  • Students are eligible for homebound instruction if they:

    • Have an illness or disciplinary issue which prevents them from attending school for 10 or more school days.
    • Are in a government-ordered quarantine for 10 or more school days

    Note: students in voluntary, self-imposed quarantine are NOT eligible for homebound instruction. 

How The Homebound Instruction Process Works

  • Step 1: Identification

    Once a teacher, counselor or administrator learns of the need for homebound instruction, this should be communicated to other stakeholders to confirm the need and begin the enrollment process. They will then submit a tutor request directly to the District's virtual tutoring provider, LearnWell. They will inform LearnWell of the student who requires instruction, how to contact the parent(s), which subjects are required, and the timeframe in which tutoring should occur.


    Step 2: Enrollment

    Once Learnwell has received an enrollment request, a representative will  get in direct contact with the teacher via email to confirm enrollment details. Then, the same Learnwell representative will reach out to the parent via email or phone to review Learnwell guidelines and procedures. Once the parent consents to instruction on Learnwell's policies, the student is connected with their tutor. The tutor will then email, confirm start time, and email a link to the student.

Homebound Instruction Requirements & Guidelines

    • Students must have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone in order to access the internet
    • Sessions may be scheduled Monday-Friday between 8 am and 8 pm.
    • Sessions are typically 30 minutes long but may be scheduled for up to two hours in length
    • A parent or trusted adult must be accessible by phone or email during all sessions
    • Cancellations must be done with more than 8 hours' notice. Rescheduled sessions must occur within the same week.
    • Sessions cancelled with less than 8 hours notice can not be rescheduled and will be conisdered "used".
    • Homebound instruction will be suspended for any student who misses five sessions. 
    • Homebound instruction will typically not be held during school vacations or holidays.