Q&A from PTC 10/14/2020

  • The following is a list of questions posted in the Q&A during the SHS Physical Education PTC Zoom webinar on October 14, 2020.  In any instance where there were multiple versions of the same question, we answered it once.  We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent us their comments with gratitude and well wishes!

    • How will we know if our child isn’t participating to complete the course work, how do you do Phys Ed via zoom?

    As in any traditional school year, PE teachers will communicate with parents and deans if a student is not completing the assigned course work.

    Physical Education Zoom classes are opportunities for teaching content, participating live workouts, live yoga routines, complete small group work in “breakout rooms,” create student-led routines, and more!

    • How is PE planned when the weather gets colder?  Anything that families need to keep in mind/prepare?

    We will teach in the outdoors for as many weeks as possible.  We have consistently shared the message with students that they should dress in layers for class, that way they are dressed comfortably for the changing weather.  The temperature varies day-to-day and hour-to-hour in the fall, and we want everyone to be dressed appropriately for class. At home, families can remind students to wear layers of clothing on their PE days.

    •  How does Phys Ed work if the student is exclusively online?

    Our remote-only learners will join our morning in-person classes via Zoom.  Once their teacher greets them and takes attendance, they will either participate in the live lesson or will be given work to complete during the class period.  For our afternoon Zoom sessions with all learners together, they will participate in the virtual classroom like the rest of their classmates.

    • What are Lifetime activities?

    Lifetime activities is a category of movement activities that can be performed throughout one’s life at any age. Examples include tennis, golf, walking, bowling, and MANY more!

    • Are the kids allowed to use the gym to lift weights?

    Our department is working to evaluate this very question!  We need to follow guidelines set forth in regards to the use of our Fitness Center, including physical distancing, cleaning protocols, and other safety measures. While we are not using the fitness center equipment right now, we are evaluating steps we can take in order to safely utilize this incredible facility during our Physical Education classes.


    The following questions were posted in our Physical Education Q & A but pertain to our Interscholastic Athletics Department.  We consulted with Ray Pappalardi, who provided answers to the following questions: 

    • Will rowing be supported in the spring?

    The only guidelines that have come out for rowing have been for single-squall crew, and the decision will be made as the spring season gets closer.

    • Will there be a girls’ gymnastics season this year?  When will it start?

    November 30th is the proposed start date for the winter season. As of today, SHS plans to offer a gymnastics season.  Please also refer to the parent communication that was emailed home with more detailed information on the Athletics Department.

    • Is it too late to join a school sports team now?

    For the current fall season, yes it is too late.  The upcoming winter and spring seasons provide opportunities for additional interscholastic athletic participation. 

    • For student athletes whose sports have been moved to spring and are not allowed to practice, is there any plan to provide extra conditioning/training they can do on their own at home to try to regain some of the strength and fitness level they have lost from not being able to practice?

    We’re working on the protocols to allow Fitness Center use after school and more information will follow (please see question #5 above).

    • If time I'd like to know about varsity sports and passes on phys ed under covid.

    Under the current circumstances, we are not offering an alternative means of earning Physical Education credit at this time. P.E. credit earned through athletic participation is a provision for pupils in grades 10 through 12 only, who have demonstrated acceptable levels of physical fitness, physical skills, and knowledge of physical education activities.  The conditions of the last spring and this fall do not allow for these assessments to take place.  There would be no way for us to substantiate the credit as of now.