COVID tests/testing

         There are many kinds of tests, each targeting different parts of the virus.  Some are molecular and look at viral genetic material, some are antigen and detect specific proteins on the surface of the virus and others are looking at antibodies in your system, developed after infection.    Antibody tests should not be used to diagnose an active infection.  The antigen tests are "rapid" obtaining results in one hour or less. Positive results are highly accurate but negative results need to be confirmed with a molecular test (PCR).  Molecular tests take one-5 days to obtain results.  Students must remain at home until molecular testing results are obtained.
         Recently there have been 5 "rapid" molecular or RT-PCR tests developed.  They are as follows: 
     ID NOW by Abbott, cobas by Roche, Cue COVID-19 Test by Cue Health, Xpert Xpress by Cepheid, and Accula by Mesa Biotech.    Any of these are acceptable.
    Testing sites can be found here: