• Scarsdale Board Meeting Information
    The Board of Education is the policy-making body of the Scarsdale Union Free School District, responsible for the general supervision of the schools. The seven elected, volunteer members of the Board serve staggered terms of three years. Custom calls for a limit of two terms. 
    Policy Governance and Executive Authority
    The Board governs through setting policy and broad goals. It regularly hears reports and receives information on progress toward its goals and on other matters that reflect policy. Board members act as governors when they are convened as a group; at all other times, they are private citizens. The Superintendent of Schools is the Board's appointed executive officer, its chief adviser, and the District's educational leader, with delegated authority for the operation of the schools.
    Board Meetings
    Public Board meetings typically occur twice a month during the school year and once during the summer months. The public is welcome to observe the meetings and has an opportunity for comment at designated times on the agenda. Board work sessions, while open to the public, do not provide an opportunity for citizen comment. Executive sessions address business that must by law be private. 
    Public Comment
    The Board urges residents to use the normal chain of authority to answer questions or resolve concerns. However, it specifically reserves times at public meetings for public comment on matters of general interest. Speakers are asked to give their names and addresses for the minutes. The Board President is responsible for orderly meeting conduct, ruling on matters such as the time allowed for public comment, and appropriateness of subject matter.
    Contributing to the Life of the Schools
    Community members participate in the work of the District through discussions with staff, Board meetings, representative committees, advisory groups, and volunteer service. Parent-teacher organizations in each school are the elected voices of the parent community and work closely with principals in each building. PTAs work with principals to address matters of school-wide importance, such as safety, attendance, and recess procedures.
    Resolving Questions or Concerns
    Questions or concerns are typically addressed at the level of origin and then follow the normal chain of authority. That is, matters that pertain to a particular teacher would be discussed first with the teacher, then with the department head and principal, then with the appropriate Assistant Superintendent or the Superintendent of Schools.
    Public Information
    Board meetings are live-streamed online at scarsdaleschools.org/livetv. The video recordings are also posted online in the BOE Video Library. The Public Information Office provides information about the Scarsdale schools through Insight, a newsletter published by the District. District information may be obtained by calling the Public Information Office (721-2525), or accessing the District website (scarsdaleschools.k12.ny.us). Information about programs or activities at a specific school may be obtained through the principal's office. 
    Board meeting agendas, related documents and video of past meetings can all be found on the BoardDocs website.  
    The Board of Education welcomes written communication. Correspondence should be addressed to: 
    Mr. Ron Schulhof, President
    Scarsdale Board of Education
    2 Brewster Road
    Scarsdale, New York 10583
    Please note that the Open Meetings Law requires all Board deliberations which may lead to action or policy changes to occur in public; therefore, your written communications and e-mails will be reported at an upcoming public Board meeting. You will receive a formal written response, if that was indicated in your communique.
    The Board holds informal community budget meetings starting in November, January, and a formal Budget Forum and a Budget Hearing in the spring. In May, residents vote on the budget and on candidates for the Board.