• 2020-21 School Supply Lists


    Please note that your teacher may request specific items that are to be brought from home, like family photos or old shirts used as art smocks. Please remember to bring such items from home (if applicable) on the first day of school.   
    Disclaimer: These are general supply lists for all classes in each grade. In late August, once your child has been placed in a particular teacher's class for the school year, that teacher may request a few supplies in addition to those on the list.
    School supplies can be ordered through the PTA’s partnership with 1st Day School Supplies through June 2020.  If you order through this 1st Day program, your child’s school supplies will be delivered to your home over the summer.
    If you select not to order through 1st Day School Supplies or miss the order deadline, you may purchase your supplies at a number of local stores including Staples and Target.  Please note that some grades require specific items from specific sources; therefore, in order to ensure that you order the right brand, please use any links that are provided on your grade's list when purchasing your items.  Families who do not order from 1st Day School Supplies should have their school supplies ready by the first day of school.  
    Please click HERE and find the applicable grade's list to view the supplies needed.