• Dear Middle School Parents:

    With the transition to this new normal we call distance learning, the middle school would like to give students in the 7th and 8th grade the opportunity to engage in our Modified Sports spring season.  This opportunity will be an avenue for your child to get outside and learn a new skill/sport or just continue to be physically active on a regular basis by staying connected to the middle school sports program. As always, the Modified Sports program requires no previous experience, but this spring season will begin with a new distance learning format.  Coaches will post new skills and workouts to your student’s Schoology page that can be accessed and completed within the flexibility of the individual’s schedule. This is a worthwhile opportunity for both new and experienced students to work on sport-specific skill development and overall personal physical fitness, which will also have positive social-emotional benefits.

    Our Middle School’s spring athletic season is open to all 7th and 8th grade students and includes softball, baseball, and boys’ and girls’ track & field.This is a no-cut policy program where everyone will have an opportunity to participate.

    Our spring season is underway. If your child is still interested in joining please contact the coach.

    Track & Field : cbrowne@scarsdaleschools.org

    Boys' Lacrosse: rkeith@scarsdaleschools.org

    Girls' Lacrosse: jcastiello@scarsdaleschools.org

    Baseball : mbrown@scarsdaleschools.org

    Softball: srambone@scarsdaleschools.org


    Kevin Roemer

    Modified Sports Director