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    Directions for Obtaining Working Papers

    An Alternative Process for Issuing Working Papers During the COVID-19 School Closures.

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    In order for your child to receive their working certificate, you will need to complete only PART I of the AT-17 - APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATEOnce completed, please email the form to the school’s Certificating Officer, Vanessa Knightner at vknightner@scarsdaleschools.org.

    In addition, the Health Office will need to have on record an up-to-date physical from the date the application was submitted. As reported by NYSED, working applications cannot be processed with an expired physical.

    If the you have already provided the Health Office with a copy of the student's current physical, no need to resubmit. 

    Once the certificate officer receives the appropriate forms, they will be in contact with you. When the certificate is approved and signed, it will be mailed it to the minor. Upon receipt, where indicated for signature, the minor should sign the card. The requirement that the minor sign the card in the presence of the certificating officer is temporarily waived for the duration of New York’s COVID-19 school closures.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact vknightner@scarsdaleschools.org.


    We appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter.


    Please stay safe and be well,

    Scarsdale Health Office