• At Home Work (for after school on Tuesday)

    *Tomorrow (Wednesday) AM Cohort is in school. PM Cohort is home. WHOLE CLASS ZOOM AT 3:00pm

    1. Reading - E.R.A (Evening Reading Assignment) - due Friday
    2. Handwriting book - Pg. 28 - 33 (due Friday)
    3. Typing Club - fill out Typing Club (with pencil)
    4. Math - Review Math Quiz and get it signed by a parent (bring it back to school by Friday)
    -Math Workbook - Pg. 33-34 (distributive property) - due Thursday
    -IXL (30 minutes) - due Thursday
    5. Writing - Write a small moment story in your Writer's Notebook about an important OBJECT/ANIMAL in your life. Choose one from the list you made. Your story should be written in paragraphs and have action, dialogue and internal thinking. - due Thursday
    6. Freak The Mighty - Chapter 14-15 - answer the questions (in Reading Folder online)
    7. PM COHORT ONLY (due Thursday)
    -Social Studies: Google Classroom Assignment "Social Studies: At Home Work 10/21/20" - will be assigned tomorrow morning at 8:00am

    Riddle: What goes up and down at the same time?