• KT Friends From a Distance

    This look back at last week is for anyone who was wondering what their friends might have been doing while we are apart.


    There was some reading. 

    Reading At Home  New Reading Partner

    There was some writing and word hunting.

    Writing!   Snap Word Egg Hunt

    There was even more writing.

    Still Writing  Still Writing!

    There was an entire "How To Get Ready For Bed" in pictures.  

    How to Get Ready For Bed

    There were family interviews and number bonds.

    Interview Chart  Number Bonds!

    There were games with new partners.

    New Math Partner  Number Bonds

    There were word walls.

    Number Bonds  Word Wall

    There were cards.

    There were Zooms.  Lots and lots of Zooms.

    Make a Card  Zoom Check Ins

    There was hanging out.

    Hanging Out  Puzzles

    There was family.

    (On the left is Mrs. Peltier's son and on the right is Mrs. Greco's Daughter and dog.) 

     Mrs. Peltier  Mrs. Greco

    (This is my daughter and my dog, who won't stay still.)

     Mrs. Tannor

    And this week we will have rainbows.  

    Rainbow  Rainbow