• Celebrate and Play


    Celebrating Our True Stories

    Before our February break, we finished a writing unit where we explored ways to make our writing better for readers.  This included making our true stories better with pictures and word, learning to write sentences, and using all that we know about spelling.  We came back from break, ready to practice our celebration books in a storyteller's voice.  

    Getting Ready to Celebrate  Getting Ready to Celebrate

    Getting Ready to Celebrate  Getting Ready to Celebrate

    Once we were finished practicing, we had a sharing circle where each person told the best part of their writing.  We also reflected on what we had learned and how we can use it for the rest of kindergarten.  

    Writing for Readers Celebration  Writing for Readers Celebration

    Writing For Readers Celebration  Writing for Readers Celebration

    Writing for Readers Celebration  Writing for Readers Celebration

    After our sharing circle, we also gather in small groups.  Each writer shares their whole book and then takes questions or comments from their group.  

    Sharing Groups  Sharing Groups

    Avid Readers

    We are trying to become avid readers who find many ways to enjoy our reading.  This could be in a comfortable spot during independent reading or with a partner during partner reading.  We are using fun voices to read and emojis to mark favorite parts of stories.  

    Avid Readers  Avid Readers

    Avid Readers  Avid Readers

    Word Part Power

    In phonics, we are using our pointer power to check our writing.  

    Word Part Power  Word Part Power

    We are also using our pointer power to imagine where each word will go as we plan a sentence.  

    Imagine Words  Imagine Words

    We are also focusing on word parts.  This week, we used "at" and "in" to make new words by adding a letter to the beginning.  

    Word Parts  Word Part Power

    Making Our Place Value Mats Match

    We are using place value mats to show numbers in different ways.  We count and ring ten, use ten frames, and make the number with model magic.   With lots of practice, we are getting quite good at explaining how to do each part of the mat and why they match.  We are also able to fix a mat when the parts do not match.   

    Place Value  Place Value Mats

     Place Value Mats  Place Value Mats

    Playing With Forces and Motion

    We used makerspace materials and beebots to make contraptions that pull.  This took lots of rethinking, teamwork, and perseverance.  

    Pull!  Pull!

    We used other fun materials (a car, ruler, tape, string, a wooden cube, and a tongue depressor) to make a game that uses force.  We shared our games at the end, explaining what and where the force was used.  

    It Has a Seatbelt!  Teamwork!

    Science Play!  Science Play!

    Stay tuned next week as we continue with our how-to books...