• February 24, 2020

    Dear Parents & Guardians,
    As we return from break I would like to take the opportunity to update everyone on the current situation regarding the Coronavirus (CoVid19).   As of the writing of this email, there continues to be no confirmed cases in New York State.  Additionally, NYS schools have received specific guidance regarding the Coronavirus on February 5th which is still in effect.  This guidance specifically instructs schools not to cancel events or restrict student attendance due to travel without exception.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) still considers the risk of exposure low to the general public.
    Currently, the CDC in conjunction with local departments of Health is monitoring travel to and from affected areas and the Department of Health is actively working with families who are deemed a risk to public health, including quarantines where deemed necessary.  The NYS Department of Health (DOH) will communicate with any school where there is a concern about a student or family. As a District, we would follow all DOH directives.  
    Our schools continue to operate under flu season precautions as is recommended by the CDC.  Special attention is being paid to the cleaning of surfaces and all public areas and our nurses are vigilant in evaluating students who show symptoms and coordinating with their families.  It is likely that the Coronavirus will continue to spread for the foreseeable future and the District will continue to monitor the situation closely and implement any guidance from either the DOH or Department of Education.  Scarsdale is a multicultural community with many members who travel extensively, this is part of what makes this community strong and vibrant. As the Coronavirus unfolds it is important to understand that the District is obliged to maintain the privacy of our families as dictated by law and, more importantly, to assure there are no unintended consequences for children and families resulting from incomplete or incorrect information.
    Overall, there has been little change in the situation in New York since my last communication even in light of the increasing cases globally.  It is likely that there will be additional cases in the United States and New York, and we will continue to keep the community informed if there are any changes.

    Thank You,

    Eric Rauschenbach

    Director of Special Education and Student Services

    Additional Resources on the Coronavirus outbreak: