• For this project you are going to discover and explain how optimal nutrition will benefit performance.


    Meal Plan

    As a group you are going to create a realistic meal plan for a fictional HS student. Your meal plan must be based on your fictional student’s sex, age, schedule, activity level, and food preferences/availability.  You must be able to fully explain your meal plan and use current reliable sources to provide a rationale for your choices.   


    Things to include in your meal plan:

    • A minimum of 3 meals and 2 snacks daily (each group must include at minimum one weekday and one weekend day)
    • Recommendations of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and fluids
    • Pre and post workout recommendations
    • Recommendations on supplements for HS students


    Additional questions and considerations when researching information on optimal nutrition and performance:

    • How could someone include the meal plan into their current routine?
    • Will it be easy to follow? If not, how can you make it easier without compromising the plan?
    • How does this diet plan connect to the chronic diseases that impact most Americans (i.e. Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, etc)?
    • What are the other significant variables within the group (income, education, or geographic location) that may influence the desirability and/or outcome of their goals?


    Step 1:

    Research and review what a healthful diet entails for a HS student.

    • As a group you are going to gather information that will help you create your fictional meal plan. Remember to only use reliable sources (.edu, .org, .gov) and to cite your sources within the context on your work and at the end with a works cited page.


    Step 2:

    Based on your research you are going to create a meal plan (see above) that you are going to present to the class.


    Step 3:

    Create a presentation for your peers. Explain your meal plan and why it would be beneficial for a HS student to follow the plan. It is important to include the additional questions (see above) when presenting to your peers. Be specific and fully explain your points. All groups must put together a visual aide to educate your class and it must include an interactive component.


    Step 4:

    Each group member must create a thought provoking question for your class on the topic of nutrition. Remember thought provoking questions should elicit a conversation and should not be simple yes or no responses.


    Students will only be assessed on what they contribute to this assignment.  Each student is expected to contribute to the research, meal plan and presentation. If you are absent during a work day you are expected to contribute to your groups project on your own time.


    Once everyone has completed their presentations you will have a series of reflection questions that will be completed individually. The questions will focus on your experience working on this assignment and the knowledge you gained.