• Using Tools to Help Our Work 

    Standing Guard   Block Guards

    This week we focused on using tools that help us to solve problems and make our work easier.  We used tools in reading, writing and math. 


    Using the Snap Word Tool

    We used a snap word chart to warm up before reading.  When we begin our reading with consistent practice of snap words, we start to know them by heart and this makes our reading more fluent.  We are very proud of all of the snap words that we have learned so far.  Our snap word tool can be found in our reading bags.   


    Look for Known Words  Yoga Mats!

    Tools  Tools

    Using Tools for Writing

    We used the same snap word tool to help write sentences in our writing.  We also used a writing checklist.  The writing checklist has important parts of writing that we are beginning to include in our stories such as a sequence, some details, and spacing between our words.  When we use the checklists, we look honestly at our pieces and decide if we are including those parts or not.  This helps us to find ways to make our work even better.  


    Writing Sentences  Writing Sentences

    Writing Sentences  Revision

    Using Tools to Learn About Numbers to Twenty

    We are returning to number concepts with a very close study of the numbers between ten and twenty.  We are using dice, number lines, and charts to recognize and name the numbers.  For counting and grouping the numbers we are using all kinds of manipulatives (counters) such as tiles, gems, and animal toys.  Our best manipulatives are our fingers.  We are using them to count by ones, fives, and tens.  

    Roll and Count  Roll and Count

    Roll and Count  Roll and Count

    Roll and Count  Roll and Count

    Naming and finding the numbers can be tricky because it is easy to mix up where the one is placed.  We are learning that the teens start with a one (which is actually a ten).  We are also learning how to pronounce the thirteen and the fourteen because that "th" can sometimes come out like an "f"! Who chose such similar names for those two numbers?

    Twenty Game  Twenty Game  

    Teamwork and Equal Force

    We used our growing teamwork skills to pull a rubberband around a cup with only a string to pull.  We were quick to discover that this task requires equal force from all.  

    Equal Force  Equal Force

    We used the same arrows and ways of showing force from last week (on the left) to write about our experiment this week (on the right).

    Using the Same Techniques  Equal Force

    Stay tuned next week as the bebots join our class...