• Teamwork All Around

    This week was all about working with partners and helping a friend.  We did it in these photos, but also on the playground and many times when someone just needed a hand.   There were clean ups, walks to the nurse, lost and found searches, and invitations to join in for snack. 

    This photo is taken during a KT birthday announcement over the loud speaker.  Everyone claps when it's a classmate.  Claps from kindergarten friends in other classes can also be heard from the whole kindergarten wing.  How wonderful to be on a team that cheers for each other like this.    

    Birthday Clap!

    Writing True Stories for Readers 

    Our return to writing true stories has been an active, happy one.  We are very excited to recognize that it is so much easier than it was in the fall!  This week, we practiced using pictures to tell stories.  Our pictures tell who, where, and what on every page.  We also learned how to plan a story by telling it across fingers.  KT has many adventures to write about!

    Using Pictures to Tell Stories  Telling Across Fingers

    Telling Stories With Pictures  Telling Stories Across Fingers

    Since our focus is "writing for readers," we shared our writing with our reading partners.  We did exactly what we do during partner reading, but this time the books that we shared were written by each other.  

    Reading Partner Share  Reading Partner Share

    New Reading Partners!

    We switched reading partners and found a new way to make a reading chart using selfies or the self timer.  These photos are taken by KT children.  

    Reading Selfie  Reading Selfie

    Reading Selfie  Reading Selfie

    Reading Partners  Reading Partners Having Fun

    Push With Force

    We are continuing to learning about force and motion in science.  We tried to reach the stop sign and quickly learned that the magnitude of our force had to change from one push to another.  This is not so easy!

    Cap Force  Cap Force

    Cap Force  Cap Force

    Exploring Measurement

    We continued our work exploring measurement.  We measured using different units such as gems, cubes, and tiles.  On one day, we measured one object with three different units.  On another, we measured three objects using the same unit.  We made predictions about the length of our objects and were able to correct the measurements that did not make sense.  

    Measure One Object  Measure One Object

    We made a project with colorful strips of paper, ribbon, and yarn.  Each person chose six pieces and lined them up by size.    

    Measurement Strips  Measurement Strips

    Measurement Project  Measurement Project

    We measured the strips of paper with a single unit. We noticed that the numbers get larger or smaller as you measure.  We were also quite good at estimating how long each one would be.  Many people chatted about measurement as they worked together.  

    Measurement Strips  Measurement Strips

    Stay tuned next week as we say hello to the teens...