• Spring 2020 After School Club Descriptions
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    Camp Sports, Backyard Sports (K-2) Students will participate in a variety of team and individual competitions with an emphasis on fun and cooperation. The class will “borrow” activities from a summer camp experience including relay races, foul shooting contests, dodgeball, capture the flag, and “color war” events.

    Fun With Slime, Fun Craft (K-5) It's Slime Time!  Fun Craft is bringing back our crowd favorite;  a very fun, Ooey, Gooey, Sticky Slime club! Together, we will measure, mix and manipulate our slime to make it stretchy enough that's going to be hard not to play with!  Every week we make a themed slime such as galaxy slime, rainbow slime, ocean slime, glow in the dark and many more. It's going to be a slimy fun time together, just be ready to stretch our imagination!

    Jewelry Making, Creative Kids Corner (2-5) Beads and baubles with things that sparkle!

    Students will create treasures from design through execution. A variety of techniques will produce rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Attention to detail will help the students create professional looking jewels they can wear for years to come.

    3D Minecraft Animation, DAE (2-5) Model and animate Minecraft characters using professional 3D Animation software! Using Blender, a powerful and free 3D animation program, the class will explore the world of modeling, texturing and animation. Students will model originally designed Minecraft characters and texture them with any skin of their choosing. They will then, as a class, write and animate a short story that incorporates everyone's characters. Please note that this class is a 3D animation class and does not include playing Minecraft. 



     Gaga, Fenom  (K-2) Gaga is back! In this exciting game, students will develop their abilities in eye-hand coordination, agility, jumping, striking and dodging along with strategic thinking skills through play. The skills learned in Gaga can translate to other sports as well so join us for this high-energy, fun club! 

    Cooking Mashup, Kids Cookery (K-5)  Having a difficult time deciding which class to take? We have created a combo class so you can enjoy a taste of each. We will prepare pinwheel calzones, Halloween spider cupcake decorating, sweet potato casserole, apple enchiladas, harvest salad with dressing, veggie dip and best chocolate cake! Each week we will prepare a recipe taken from our Chocolate Lovers, Autumn Savory, Cupcake decorating and Sweets line up!

    Kickball/Dodgeball, Backyard Sports (3-5) Everyone loves dodgeball and kickball.  Young players will participate in appropriately competitive dodgeball and kickball games.  In addition to playing, athletes will receive instructions for making fair teams and resolving conflicts that arise in play.

    Stitch Fix, Sew Happy NEW (2-5)  Have fun with Sew Happy's latest project, a Woodland Basket. Students will construct an adorable square basket which is decorated with trees and woodland flora and fauna on the outside but becomes the cozy home of a hedgehog family on the inside complete with a hedgehog stuffie. A decorative carrying handle makes the project transportable. Kids in grades 2-5 will learn how to thread a needle, tie a knot, pin, and stitch with our trained instructors. Beginners are welcome at this class and experienced sewers will love working on a new project!

    Creative Kids Art, Zoe Denahy (K-3)  Let your inner artist out! Do you love Art? If so, then this club is for you. Perfect for the student who needs more art in their daily lives. An exciting mixed media class taught by Zoë Denahy formerly of Young at Art. Projects include painting. drawing, collage and puppets. Projects vary from week to week through guided lessons and free expression. Visual games and a broader sense of color are explored. We cover a wide range of skills and applications as well as experimenting with various materials. Looking at artists work we draw our own ideas and get inspiration.  Bring your imagination! Have fun and create. Zoë Denahy formerly of Young at Art has been teaching art in the Westchester area for the past sixteen years. Former graphic designer and illustrator. Currently painting and showing own work.

    Digital Photography, Pegasus (2-5) NEW Say Cheese! Learn how to take and edit digital photographs. Kids will learn everything from basic camera tips to advanced editing, imaging, and color management. Practice portraits, landscapes, texture, and commercial photography.

    Coding With Casal, Mr. Casal (K-2) Scratch the itch to Tynker with the Creating with Code Club. In this club, students will use multiple platforms to be introduced to the concepts of coding. Scratch, Code.org and Tynker are the leading coding-for-kids platforms and will be the core of the experience. In addition to web-based activities we will be using robots like the Wonder Workshop Dash to code them to interact with their surroundings, making coding tangible and three dimensional. Students will learn the basic concepts of coding but at the same time be able to create unique projects and experiences based on their own interests, with coding as the medium. 



    Kickball/Dodgeball, Fenom (K-2) Fenom’s signature multi sport class of dodgeball / kickball not only teaches the fundamentals of each sport, but also safely introduces the importance of fitness. Our progression-based philosophy is applied to each class to improve participants’ overall skills and confidence. The fundamental techniques of running, kicking, throwing and catching are some of the activities that participants engage in. 

    Cake Decorating, ABC Cakes (3-5) Are you an artist? Have you ever really wanted to eat your art project when you were done with it? Well now you can! Learn to create miniature edible pieces of art that you can take home and share with your family. In this series of classes you create decorations and treats for assorted baked goods including cupcakes, cookies, bars, and many more! You will work with frosting, fondant, and other edible materials.

    Pick-Up Games, Backyard Sports NEW (3-5) Backyard Sports will host “Old School” “Pick Up” style team sport games. Participants will learn to play just like their parents did in their backyards and playgrounds.  Sports will include basketball, touch football, and soccer. Players will learn about rules, fair team selection, and dispute resolution. 

    Escape The Room, Sew Happy NEW (3-5)  In our Escape the Room program students are presented with information (such as maps, historical information, building plans, directories, props) and cryptic clues they need to solve to open locks and boxes, allowing them to eventually 'escape' within the time allocated. The clues are often in code, requiring they first 'discover' the clue.  These codes are visual, physical, mathematical and language based. Often requiring use of tools students may not have used before (screwdrivers, compasses, protractors). The clues themselves lead them answers within the materials or are sometimes general knowledge or logical reasoning.

    Cheerleading, Robin Ridout (K-3) Learn Pom routines, cheers, jumps, motions, tumbling, spirit games, and basic stunts that promote teamwork, fitness and FUN.  We’ll work on basic cheer skills which will be included in our end of session parent show! This club is under the leadership of Coach Robin Ridout...Coach Robin has over 35 years of Cheer and Dance experience in the U.S. and overseas.  She is an international Cheer and Dance competition judge.

    “MINI” Makerspace: Going on a Safari, Ms. Boyer NEW (K-1) Ms. Boyer has created a special Makerspace club for our young ones with a Safari theme! The children will build big projects together including, a tent, wooden animals with hinged parts; an animal sanctuary and there will also be individual projects such as binoculars and invented animals. 

    Program Your Own Game, DAE (2-5) Video games are an interactive medium that requires developers to think about their audience and what would be engaging for them. This class flips the basic scratch class and instead of focusing on programming, uses it as a tool to complete a project designed by the students. Students will begin class by discussing the core concepts of game design and design a game focusing on a fun experience for an audience. From there the class will focus on creating controls and content that fulfils the desired goals of the game. 


    Sports MashUp, Fenom (K-2)  Mash-ups are Fenom’s signature multi sport activity that not only teaches the fundamentals of each sport, but also safely introduces the importance of fitness. Mash-ups are ideal for individuals who are beginners to a sport or need overall skill building in order to successfully participate in their sport of choice. 

    Watercolor Wonders, Creative Kids Corner NEW (2-5) The fluid and relaxed nature of watercolor paint is a wonderful medium for children of all ages. Immediacy and spontaneity rule this medium and creates dynamic art that is confidence building and fun for the students. Participants will tackle landscape, still life and abstraction.

    Fenom Warrior, Fenom (3-5) Our popular FENOM Warrior Class helps kids prepare and succeed in future Spartan and obstacle course based competitions. Participants are guided by our coaches to tackle challenging obstacle courses, atlas ball and log carry relays, along with other fun and exciting Spartan Warrior activities! 

    Creating with Clay, Ms. Cameron (K-3) Clay is a wonderful, and endlessly versatile medium. It is a great way to introduce art to your curious child, or help your budding artist expand their creativity. At Clay Club, your kids will explore and experiment with a range of different types of clay and application.  They will have fun experiencing sculpting, stamping, rolling, extruding, painting, working with molds and more. Throughout the club we will be creating a variety of sculptural and functional clay projects using numerous hand-building techniques including: pinching, coiling and slab method.  While most projects will be teacher directed, students will be encouraged to plan and create at least one of their own ideas based on techniques learned throughout the club. This club is a creative space for all levels of experience and interest.     

    Mini-Musical: Annie, Artistree (K-3) If your child loves to perform, then Artistree’s Annie Mini-Musical is the perfect after school offering!  Children will audition, be cast and rehearse in a mini version of the iconic musical. Acting and vocal technique, along with choreography will be taught each week.  Complete with costumes and orchestrated tracks, the cast will then perform their show on the last day of clubs. Come take a walk down "Easy Street" with us in the Artistree Mini-Musical of “Annie!”

    Filmmaking w/ Casal, Mr. Casal NEW (3-5) Filmmaking isn't just grabbing an iPhone and recording video. Filmmaking is the art of visual storytelling. This club will take 3rd - 5th graders through the entire process; from story ideas, outlines, scripting, filming, and editing… The club will include analog elements like sketching out storyboards to plan visual sequences, to the art of setting up and framing shots, to using editing tools to add depth to the story. Join this club for a fun ASC session of visual storytelling from paper to the big screen...



    Fenom Warrior, Fenom (K-2) Our popular FENOM Warrior Class helps kids prepare and succeed in future Spartan and obstacle course based competitions. Participants are guided by our coaches to tackle challenging obstacle courses, atlas ball and log carry relays, along with other fun and exciting Spartan Warrior activities! 

    Fun with Chocolate, Kids Cookery (K-5)  If you love chocolate then look no further! This is the class for you. We will prepare marshmallow rocky road candy, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookie cake, chocolate chip pumpkin bread just in time for Thanksgiving, our best homemade chocolate cake, s’more topped cupcakes, homemade chocolate fudge and chocolate fondue.

    Fashion Night Out, Hobby Quest NEW (1-5) Have you ever wanted to create your own fashion designs? This spring you will have your chance! Learn how to use your trend-setting, fashion ideas to create one-of-a-kind wearable garments of your very own, and make your design dreams a reality. We’ll teach you all you need to know about garment design and creation, from choosing a design and sketching, to final fitting! This class is suitable for beginners to advanced-level designers, as we will be sewing by hand! To top it off, you’ll strut your stuff and proudly display your new, unique designs in a fashion show for friends and family! All designs are yours to keep at the end of class! It’s Fashionable! Design it! Create it! Keep it!

    Weird Science, Pegasus NEW (K-5) Does your kid love cool science projects?? Our super cool topics include robots, magnets, balloons, experiments with household items, volcanoes, slime, different concoctions, and the science of games! Kids watch spectacular demonstrations, and take things home that they have made!

    MakerSpace with Ms. Boyer  (2-5) Making is a habit of mind where creativity is the first ingredient. The MakerSpace is often associated with fields such as engineering (designing, prototyping, building, etc.). The concept that emerges from the maker culture is associated with Make magazine and the Maker Faires it promotes. It is essentially a collaborative space for creative endeavors. MakerSpaces allow students to take control of their own learning, as they are designing projects and creating with their hands. Through making, students gain confidence in their own abilities and become engaged at deeper levels. Many skills can be taught in a traditional classroom setting but they are typically learned through practice and coaching. In the MakerSpace ASC, children will learn and hone problem-solving skills. Some projects will be designed to teach a specific skill such as using a hammer or a sewing machine. Other projects will use acquired skills for an undefined process––students can design their own outcomes, which is incredibly powerful.

    *Please note all cooking/food clubs will require an additional allergy waiver.