• Superintendent's Goals (2023-24)

    Goal 1: Co-create a community-owned strategic plan that supports our vision and mission and equips today’s students to create their desired futures, and successfully meet the challenges they will face in those futures.
    Goal 2: Select, prepare, implement, and analyze a benchmark survey measuring belonging, and use the results to develop a strategy for our continued work around well-being, inclusion, diversity, and equity.
    Goal 3: Support the entry and integration of two new Cabinet-level leaders and two interim principals, and implement a successful search for permanent leaders at SMS and Edgewood.
    Goal 4: Examine and assess our channels of communication, including school: home, internal, and emergency communications, with the expectation of adopting new communication platforms consistent with a comprehensive communications strategy for the start of the 2024-25 school year as our current tools reach the end of their life cycles.