(1) Strategic Planning: Provide training and implementation guidance to Board, Cabinet, and Admin. Council. 
    • Share Plan components and updates on process and milestones with the aforementioned groups, as applicable.
    • Use Administrative Learning Time (Administrative Council PD time) to focus on various aspects of the plan for deeper understanding, philosophical alignment, and implementation expectations. 
    • Use Education Report meetings (of the BoE) and other communiqués to share Strategic Plan developments, progress, and other updates.
    (2) Focus on multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. 
    • Create and leverage communication opportunities to address expectations around multiculturalism, diversity, and belonging with stakeholder groups (i.e. Convocation speech; regular communications with staff, parents and community groups; new District publications, and calendar changes).
    • Incorporate multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion in Strategic Plan components whenever possible (i.e. partner with PTC to diversify classroom libraries by focusing on diverse authors, experiences, and perspectives). 
    (3) Lead professional development and leadership development for Cabinet, Administrative Council, and Teachers. 
    • Ensure that professional development for the aforementioned groups is aligned with the Strategic Plan and other major District initiatives.
    • Provide training that models best practices in PD (hands-on, timely, relevant to current work, and the like).
    • Model instructional leadership and leadership development by creating and implementing regular PD opportunities for the aforementioned groups (work with teachers will focus on Strategic Plan implementation and Innovation Ambassadors).