(1) Implement appropriate learning models for the 2020-2021 school year as developed by the District’s Restart Planning Committee and Task Groups.

    • Develop three plans per State requirements that comport with NYSED and DOH requirements: in-person, hybrid, virtual-only (for all three levels and implement according to the Governor's direction).
    • Implement virtual-only and hybrid plans with fidelity.
    • Identify and provide appropriate resources and staffing for plan implementation and revision, as needed.

    (2) Develop and implement modifications to the District’s Hybrid Plan that represents progress towards more in-person/synchronous opportunities for students as health metrics and State/DOH guidance allow. 

    • Monitor plan implementation, solicit school community feedback, and modify plans, as appropriate.
    • Work on short-, mid-, and long-term planning for virtual-only and hybrid plan improvements.
    • Increase in-person learning as health metrics and State guidance allows.

    (3) Improve District communications based on stakeholder feedback.

    • Hire and onboard new Public Relations position.
    • Review/evaluate District communication practices with District personnel and the broader Scarsdale community.
    • Implement revisions and changes based on school-wide feedback.