GoalTo support the District’s mission and beliefs during the pandemic while keeping our staff and students safe. 


    The Board will work to meet the following primary responsibilities in line with this goal, pivoting as necessary during a year where flexibility, assessment, creativity, and adjustment are critical.


    Primary Responsibilities:  

    • ADVOCACY: Participate in legislative advocacy impacting public education via efforts suggested by our Administration or coordinated by NYSSBA and WPSBA.  


    • BUDGETING: Support and participate in a rational and effective budgeting process, ongoing financial planning, and multi-year budgeting efforts, while examining necessary adjustments due to the pandemic. 


    • COLLECTIVE BARGAINING: Support and participate in the collective bargaining of six contracts. 


    • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT/COMMUNICATION: Further enhance community engagement, including identification of and providing opportunities for more inclusion of student, parent, faculty, staff, and community voice in decision-making processes. 


    • EVALUATION: Evaluate the Board Operational Procedures, the Superintendent, the Professional Staff, the Administrative Staff, the Support Staff, and Instructional Policies, according to Policies 0310 - 0350.  


    • ONGOING DISTRICT WORK: Support ongoing District work in diversity, inclusion, and belonging; capital projects and facilities planning; wellness; SSEM; and sustainability.  


    • TEACHING AND LEARNING: Support ongoing curricular and teaching and learning goals, including those within the appropriate learning modalities throughout the year.


    • Use committees where appropriate: for building visits and community engagement work.
    • Revisit this goal during the year in an organized fashion.