• Scarsdale Board of Education Goals, 2022-23 

    and Primary Objectives 

     Board Self-Assessment Tool


    Goals: (i) To support the District’s mission and vision; (ii) to work on continuous improvement of Board governance; and (iii) to find an exceptional superintendent to lead the Scarsdale Schools. 

    The Board will work to meet the following primary objectives in line with these goals.

    Primary Objectives:  

    • Advocacy: Participate in legislative advocacy impacting public education via efforts identified by the Board or suggested by our Administration or coordinated by New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA), Westchester Putnam School Boards Association (WPSBA), and the Lower Hudson Education Coalition (LHEC). 

    • Budgeting: Support and participate in a rational and effective budgeting process, ongoing financial planning, and multi-year planning efforts. 

    • Collective Bargaining: Support and participate in the collective bargaining of two contracts, the Association of Teacher Aides and Assistants and the CSEA - Transportation Unit.

    • Communication/Community Engagement: Foster communication and transparency and affirm community values through support and review of the opportunities identified in the Board Community Engagement Plan. Oversee and manage the Board Community Engagement Plan.  

    • Evaluation: Conduct evaluations of the Board of Education and Interim Superintendent according to Policies 0310 and 0320.

    • Governance: Review Board roles, responsibilities, and orient new Board members, and build team relationships within the Board and with the Superintendent. Develop and exhibit a shared understanding of Board and Superintendent roles. Identify opportunities to review and strengthen oversight. Continue and complete current process improvements, including the internal audit of payroll tax processing, treasurer communication, and reporting, and planning for upcoming annual internal audits.  

    • Ongoing District Work: Support ongoing District work on the Strategic Plan; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Safety, Security, and Emergency Management; capital projects and facilities planning.

    • Superintendent Search: Conduct an inclusive, thoughtful and comprehensive process to find the next Superintendent of Schools for Scarsdale. 

    • Teaching and Learning: Support ongoing curricular and teaching and learning goals as developed by the Superintendent and teaching teams; Review the AP/AT program as presented by the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment and High School team.