• This tab will be used during our study of the American West.


    Our first task with regards to the American West was a reading about westward expansion in the USA. We looked at another reading that looks at the complex relationship between the US government and American Indians for homework. 

    We opened our study of the American West learning about the hardships of the West by reading Coolies and Pioneer Girl.  We examined the West with regards to Plains Indians, Exodusters, Chinese immigrants, homesteaders and miners by watching Ken Burns's The West.  We further explore our own questions about the West through research and the creation of an annotated bibliography.
    We read about Exodusters, Crazy Horse, and Native American idendity today for homework Monday night.
    On Tuesday we reviewed the annotated bibliography project. There are many options for topics. Remember that good writing starts with an organized plan (aka an outline) and that you should always check your work against a rubric when it's available.