Greenacres Winter/Spring 2020 After School Club Program


    With school officially closed for the remainder of the year, we will be offering you the option of receiving a partial refund on your ASC fees or donating the fees to the PTA. To receive the refund, please fill out this FORM by May 15th. The maximum refund will be 70% of your original payment. The 30% will cover prorated vendor fees and other ASC expenses. 
    As many of you may know, the money we make from ASC (in addition to paying vendors and chaperones),  goes back to the PTA and funds many free programs for students during the year- including field trips, teacher grants and special cultural assemblies and programming. Without these funds, these programs can't exist without a fee.  As such, if you are able to donate any portion of your refund to the PTA, we would appreciate it!
    We are offering the following donation options: 
    • 100% Donation (i.e., you will not receive any refund)
    • 50% Donation
    • 25% Donation 
    • 0% Donation (i.e., you will receive your full prorated refund)
    These are challenging times. We know that everyone is in a unique financial situation, and ask each family to only to donate what/if they feel comfortable with. Please fill out the attached google doc for your refund request. BE SURE to use the same email address used on your PayPal account OR your refund will not go through!
    You MUST fill out the google doc by May 15th OR we will assume you are choosing to donate 100% of your refund to the PTA.
    We thank you all in advance for your continued support and contributions and hope to see everyone back in the Fall. 
    Stay safe,
    Courtney Allen and Michele Dalton
    ASC Co-Chairs  
Last Modified on May 6, 2020