At the end of the school year, all 5th graders will be presented with a yearbook filled with photos from their time at Greenacres and we need your help to get this done!

    We need your help to upload the following pictures to our site by FRIDAY DECEMBER 6TH:

    1. Baby picture of your child
    2. Kindergarten headshot (only if your child did not attend Greenacres for Kindergarten- We have the others)
    3. 1-2 current candid shots of your child by themselves. This picture can be taken outside of school.*
    4. Photos of your child with friends at Greenacres or Rec activities ONLY- Examples include:, Field trips, concerts, spirit day, Colonial Day, Halloween, school plays, Rec sports, etc.
    5. For parents who chaperoned the 5th grade Class Trips or are attending the upcoming Movie Night, please submit those photos.

    *Note, not all pictures submitted will necessarily be used 


    • Besides Number 3, photos must be activities at the school, or during school sponsored trips or through the Rec Department.
    • Travel sports are not considered for yearbook purposes. 
    • Lastly, NO siblings, friends from outside Greenacres, or adults, please.



    We will be using Google Drive where you can upload your photos once an invitation by “Greenacres Yearbook” has been emailed to you in the next couple of days. In order to upload photos, you have to have Gmail or Google Drive. If you don’t have a Gmail account, and you do not wish to set up one, please click on THIS LINK to get a Google Drive account that will allow you to have access to Google Drive to upload your photos. 


    You will no longer be able to upload photos after Friday, December 6th, so please make sure you get your pictures in by then!


    When uploading your photos, please try to keep it in order of:
    1. Baby picture
    2. Kindergarten headshot if your child didn't attend Greenacres 
    3. 1-2 candid current shots of him/herself
    4. 3-6 photos of your child with friends throughout his/her years at Greenacres (see restrictions above) 
    From Desktop:
    After you have a gmail account and or signed up for a Google Drive account, click on the “Open” button in the email invitation you will have received from “Greenacres Yearbook.” That will bring you to the Google Drive account, where you will sign in and find a folder labeled with your child’s name. Go into that folder, and there you will find a button on the top left-hand side that says “+NEW.” Under “+NEW,” you will see a “File Upload” option, which will take you to where your photos are stored on your computer. Please make a note of which school year and what event the picture is from in the comment box.
    From your Phone:
    In order to upload from your phone, you have to first download the Google Drive App. Then, from the invitation email from “Greenacres Yearbook”, click on “Open,” and then it will take you directly to the Drive and your child’s folder. Click on the “+” button on the lower right-hand corner to upload your pictures into your child’s folder.
    Scanning Photos:
    If you scan your own photos: Images need to be scanned at a high resolution: 300 dpi for a large photo; 600dpi for a small one.
    Digital Photo Tips:
    Please submit digital photos with the highest resolution as possible, as they will look better in the yearbook.
    Here are some tips for picking good images:
    • When possible, opt for photos that you’ve taken on a camera and downloaded to your computer. If you’ll be taking pictures this year to submit to the yearbook, set your camera to the highest resolution, and save your images in that format.
    • For iPhone/Android pictures, please choose the “actual size” option when e-mailing them to yourself for uploading at a later time.
    • Please do not submit a photo that was uploaded to social media (like Facebook), as many sites compress images into a low-resolution format and will most likely not show up well in the yearbook. 
    • Please do not submit a picture taken of a picture, as it will not show up clearly and will not be used in the yearbook. Physical photos need to be scanned. 
    Other Photos:
    Please contact us if you have a collection of photos which you would like to share such as Spirit Day, 1st Grade 100 Day Parade, 2nd Grade Flag Day Concert, Colonial Day, special visits in the classroom, etc.
    Again, you will no longer be able to upload photos after Friday, December 6th, so please make sure you get your pictures in by then! Thank you so much for your help with this!
    Thank you!
    Liz Brucker
    Vanessa Dias
Last Modified on November 6, 2019