Ms. Collins and Frederick Douglass


    Ms. Nancy Collins
    Butler 8 Social Studies
    The only thing better than teaching is learning

    Butler 8 Social Studies

    Eighth grade social studies is an exploration of American History from the end of the Civil War until today.  Butler 8 social studies explores Reconstruction, Civil Rights, the American West, the Rise of Industry and the Labor Movement, Immigration, the Progressives, American World Involvement between 1853 and 1917, World War I, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the post-Cold War era, and the modern political process. 
    Throughout the year we explore connections between that which we are studying and current events.

    During our study of history we will be working to explore many ways of learning.  We will go on field trips to explore primary sources, storytelling and drama.  We will examine various works of music and art and have the opportunity to sing, dance, act, draw, read and write our way through different periods of American history. 

    Some documents that you will want to refer to during the year include class general guidelines and homework policy.