• 4:10 PM. All students must be picked up at 4:10 SHARP. Chronic lateness will be penalized.


    ALL dismissal arrangements must be registered through School Dismissal Manager. 

    • Log into School Dismissal Manager and select "After School Clubs."
    • Input the name of your child's club.
    • Select one of the following:
      • After School Clubs: Car Pick-Up Line (Front Circle)- Car pick-up will begin in the front circle at 4:10 PM. All vehicles picking up students must line up on Chesterfield Road, heading EAST. Vehicles must pull up all the way in the circle to ensure a steady flow of traffic. For safety reasons, the driver MAY NOT exit the vehicle to assist a student. We recommend that the passenger side doors be kept clear of child seats etc. to allow for easy entrance into the vehicle. All cars must enter the circle in single file. DO NOT pass other cars in the circle. Exercise care when exiting the circle.
      • After School Clubs: Parent/Designee Pick Up (Front Circle)- All students being picked up from After School Clubs must be dismissed directly to a parent or other registered designee at the exterior exit door facing BREWSTER ROAD. There is NO PARKING in the Teacher's Lot.
      • After School Clubs: Walking or Biking home (5th Graders ONLY, with permission granted by Mr. McKenna)- Students in 5th Grade may exit from the main door and walk or bike home after submitting a permission form to Mr. McKenna and being approved. 
    • Provide the name of your child's club.
    • Provide the name of the person picking up. (If you are in a CARPOOL, please list the name of the person coming to school to pick up your child.)