• Arrival


            At Edgewood School, the bell rings at 8:25 am.  Please wait outside until the first bell rings. Children will be marked tardy if they arrive after the 8:40 am.




         Room 53 will be dismissed by the last door that leads to the front of the building by Roosevelt Place. In order to avoid confusion at dismissal time, it is very important you put any special dismissal instructions into dismissal manager (e.g., a lunch date, a play date, and changes in the Kids Base schedule, etc).

    Take Home Folders


          It is your child's responsibility to bring his/her take home folder to and from school each day. All paperwork (notices, permission slips, etc.) can be found in the take home folder. Please go through the folder every evening. Take home folders are to be returned to the classroom every morning. We check the folders during arrival time each day.