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    Christopher Menick



    Office: Room 218



    Welcome to my teacher page!  I am excited to be working with you this year. 


    We will be using Google Classroom in your course for daily posted notes, homework assignments, and announcements.  You may use the following class-specific code to sign up:

    422 RED - 5gv9ipk               422 GREEN - xw6yi6               422 BLUE - uswxywv               442 - xedmol

    Sign-up codes will also be distributed in class.


    Please click the appropriate link below to view the course expectations and required materials for your class.

    422 Course Expectations

    442 Course Expectations



    Extra help schedule:

    Please provide notice in advance to indicate when you would like to attend.  See me after class or in Room 218 to sign up.

    Monday - Periods 4, 7

    Tuesday - Periods 2, 3, 6

    Wednesday - Periods 3, 5

    Thursday - Periods 2, 5

    Friday - Period 3

    These periods are also posted outside Room 218 and our classroom.  Additionally, I am available after school by appointment, and be sure to take advantage of the Math Center (Room 217) where you may receive extra assistance from Ms. Landau.