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    Lunch and Recess Code of Conduct

    This code of conduct is something that we review with the children at the start of the year to help ensure that we are doing our best to provide a safe environment for our students to socialize with their peers and to enjoy their lunch time meal. Each child is asked to sign this code of conduct as an acknowledgement that they are aware of their "rights and their responsibilities" as students at QRS.

    Students have the option to bring their own lunch from home, or they can pre-order a lunch through our Nutrislice App.The Nutrislice App allows parents/guardians to set up an account for their child and to determine what their child would like to have for lunch. These orders can be placed in advance and each day, a lunch ticket will be generated by our food service staff so that our students can have their lunches expedited as they come through our lunch lines.



    • Children have the right to a leisurely and quiet lunch while they are seated with the peers in their own class.
    • Children have the right to buy lunch, if they choose, without being pushed or shoved while waiting on line.
    • Children have the right to talk quietly with their peers at their table.
    • Children can ask an adult for permission to leave the cafeteria to use the restroom or to see the nurse, but an adult must know that they have left.


    • Children have the responsibility to follow all of our cafeteria expectations.
    • Children should enter and exit the cafeteria in an orderly fashion and should be accompanied by an adult during these transitions.
    • Children are to follow the instructions of their teachers/aides/staff and should be polite and respectful towards them at all times.
    • Children are expected to clean up after themselves. This includes recycling, composting and disposing of trash in the proper receptacles.
    • Children should use good table manners when having lunch in the cafeteria.
    • Children should not be sharing food with another child.

    Cafeteria Procedures:

    • Children should enter the cafeteria through their designated entrances and should be accompanied by an adult.
    • Children should be seated at their assigned tables and should wait for the adults to collect the lunch tickets from the bulletin board(s) at the front of the cafeteria.
    • Children should walk to assume their place on line if they are purchasing a lunch that day.
    • While children are having lunch, they should remain seated and if they need something, they can ask the adult that is assigned to their class for any assistance. Children should not be wandering around the cafeteria to socialize with their peers in other classes/grades.
    • When lunch is finished, children should clean up their tables and underneath their tables so that it is ready for the next group of students to come in and dine.
    • Children should wait for the adults to line them up and guide them as they exit the cafeteria as a class/grade.




    • Children have the right to enjoy their supervised recess time (either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather).
    • Children have the right to play with the provided equipment that is available to them at recess time. Any additional equipment that is brought in from home must be approved by our recess supervisor, the adults supervising recess and the administration so that we can deem it safe. Equipment such as baseball bats, baseballs, lacrosse sticks, lacrosse balls and other similar equipment are not permitted during recess. 
    • Children have the right to feel included in any recess games that are being played. However, they must also understand that wanting to join a game in the midst of it being played, may require them to wait a few minutes so that they can thoughtfully be transitioned into the game.
    • Children have the right to engage in play and should not be subjected to intentional violence or verbal abuse from their peers.
    • Children have the right to run around and participate in free play, organized games or to play on the playground equipment in a safe manner.


    • Children are responsible for their own belongings that they bring out to recess with them (i.e. lunch boxes, water bottles, sweatshirts, coats, etc.).
    • Children have a responsibility to listen to the adults supervising them at recess and to be mindful, particularly when the whistles are blown to signify the end of recess or that an emergency is being called.
    • Children have a responsibility to return any recess equipment that they have checked out at the beginning of recess to the proper bins at the conclusion of recess.
    • Children have a responsibility to be kind and to include others during recess.

    I have read and understand all of these expectations and agree to follow them over the course of this year.


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