Traffic and Safety Rules

    Welcome Fox Meadow Families!

    As part of an ongoing effort to keep our children safe and promote an orderly flow of traffic around the school, the administration has worked with Scarsdale Village personnel to create drop-off and pick-up procedures and traffic rules for all drivers.  The administration will send an email to Fox Meadow parents outlining the new car pick-up and drop-off procedures prior to the beginning of the school year.  At such time, we are asking ALL PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS to review the new traffic and safety rules in place at Fox Meadow. 
    For general arrival and dismissal procedures, please refer to the online Fox Meadow Handbook under the Daily Arrival and Dismissal Policies section.

    We thank you in advance for adhering to the rules and for educating ALL drivers in your household about proper procedures.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact: the Principal, the Assistant Principal, the PTA President, or the Traffic and Safety Co-Chairs (Keisha Dixon, Angela Middleton and Kerry Walker).

    Dos and Don'ts

    Please review the Dos and Don'ts below, and remember, we can ALL make the streets around Fox Meadow safer by obeying speed limits, staying off devices while driving, stopping at crosswalks, and simply being patient.
    1. Do NOT park on Chesterfield Road between Shawnee and Brewster Roads at drop-off or pick-up. Cars line up here in the morning for drop-off and in the afternoon for pick-up.

    2. Do NOT pull around stopped or standing cars on Chesterfield during drop-off. This creates a very dangerous situation for children crossing the street and for oncoming traffic.  Please be patient and wait for the line to move.

    3. Do NOT enter the Teacher Parking Lot between 7:30am and 4:30pm on school days.  You may not pull in to drop off or pick up your child!

    4. Do NOT park within 50 feet of a stop sign or crosswalk.  It is against the law, and you will get a ticket.
    5. DO stop and wait when a SCHOOL BUS in front of you (in your lane or the oncoming lane) has flashing lights or its stop sign extended. These are indicators that children are still getting on or off the bus. 

    6. DO obey one-side parking restrictions and no-standing signs on streets surrounding the school.

    7. DO be courteous when parking on neighborhood streets.  Avoid blocking walkways and driveways.

    8. DO obey the 15mph speed limit in and around the school zone.