• Fox Meadow School

    New Families Packet

    (2019 - 20 Update)

    Introduction/Student Handbook


    This packet provides information about Fox Meadow Elementary School, and in particular focuses on information you may need or like to know in the first weeks of school.

    Below you will find information about school hours, schedule, traffic and safety, the lunch and food program and policies, birthday celebrations, school closures, visitation policies, homework, conferences, communications, and other topics.


    General Information

    School Starting/Ending Times

    The school times are as follows:

    Early AM Rehearsals

    7:45 am

    Doors Open

    8:20 am

    AM Bell – Move to the Classroom

    8:35 am

    ½ Day Dismissal Time

    12:00 noon

    First PM Bell (Buses)

    3:05 pm

    Second PM Bell (Dismissal)

    3:10 pm

    After School Clubs End

    4:10 pm


    Daily Arrival and Drop-off Policy 

    Please refer to the online Fox Meadow Handbook under the Daily Arrival and Drop-Off Policy section. 


    Daily Dismissal and Early Pick-Up Policy

    Please refer to the online Fox Meadow Handbook under the Daily Dismissal Policy and Early Dismissal Policy sections.  Please note that any changes to a child's dismissal plans should be made through School Dismissal Manager.  School Dismissal Manager is an online program with a mobile and desktop interface, that allows parents to update their child(ren)'s attendance and dismissal plans.  Absences/lateness should be reported by 8:45am, and changes to dismissal must be reported by 12:00pm (or 10:00am on a half-day).  All early pick-ups must be made at the main entrance before 2:45pm.  Children not picked up by 2:45pm will be dismissed at the regular bell (3:05pm for bus students and 3:10pm for remaining students).


    School Schedule

    Scarsdale uses a 6-day, A-F school timetable, which coordinates the "specials" such as PE (physical education,) music, art and library. Each school day is assigned a letter from A to F. After Day F, the schedule cycles back to Day A for the next day.


    The PTA weekly emails will set out the "letter days" for the following week, as will the PTA calendar, and the school calendar. The Community Calendar will also show the relevant letter for each school day. You can check your child’s teacher’s page for their specials schedule. Children are required to wear sneakers for PE, so please take note of those days.


    Traffic & Safety Rules

    Please refer to the online Fox Meadow Handbook as well as the Traffic and Safety Rules section of the PTA website for all driving, parking, pick-up, and drop-off rules. 



    Students who qualify for bus transportation should receive a letter in August with their bus stop location and pick up/drop off times. New residents, or anyone with questions, should contact Nunzia Mauro, Census/District Registrar, at 914-721-2444 or registrar@scarsdaleschools.org. Ms. Mauro has a list of documents required to establish residency in the District and will advise how to request transportation to private or District schools.  For more information, visit the “Transportation” page of the District web site.


    For those that do not qualify for the District bus, private busing may be available. Contact Stacey and Sanford Greenberg of the Fox Meadow Community Bus Association at 914-725-3360 or Stacey Greenberg.


    Communicating With Your Child’s Teacher

    If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, make an appointment by sending in a note with your child or by email. Check with the teacher which form of communication they would prefer. Your child’s teacher’s email is on their web page of the school website. Please refrain from long conversations with the teacher at pick-up and drop-off.



    Lunch at the school runs from 11:45am until 1:15pm (three 30-minute lunch periods). Within this time frame, children spend approximately 30 minutes eating and 30 minutes at recess.  The District will continue to manage food service at Fox Meadow School this year.  Please check your inbox for an email that was sent directly from the District on August 23rd with menu information and registration instructions.  To learn more about the lunch program, you can also click here.



    Children in all grades bring a snack from home to eat during the morning (times determined by the teacher). Healthy snacks are best! Snacks in the classroom must be tree nut and peanut free. The teacher may impose additional restrictions to protect students with allergies.


    School Supplies

    Each grade has been given a list of school supplies -- pencils, notebooks, folders, crayons etc. -- which each child must bring to their classroom on the first day of school. This year the PTA has partnered with 1st Day School Supplies, a school supply vendor, to provide complete supply kits for any grade level, which can be ordered online. While the deadline may have passed for Fall 2019 (June 30, 2019), please keep this in mind for next year. If you did not order with 1st Day School Supplies, you may purchase your supplies at a number of local stores including Big Top on Weaver Street, Staples, or Target. The supply lists for each grade can be found on the Fox Meadow PTA School Supply List web page.


    Fox Meadow Clothing (Spirit Wear)

    Fox Meadow clothing will be available for purchase in person and online at the beginning of the school year. Samples will be on display for the first two weeks of school.  A Fox Meadow red t-shirt can come in handy on class trips, at Recreation Department events, or on school spirit days!  Please refer to the PTA emails for more information regarding in person sales and deadlines on online orders. Credit cards will be accepted.  Clothing on special order will be delivered in late October to your child’s classroom; however, some items can be taken home in person in September.


    Family Picnic

    On Monday, September 9th, there is a picnic dinner for all Fox Meadow School families and teachers from 5:00pm to 6:30pm on the Fox Meadow back field.  Food will be available for purchase.



    Emergency Forms

    It is extremely important that you have your emergency forms completed and on file in the main office. If you haven’t filled one out, please do so immediately. All communication between you and the school is based on your current e-mail and telephone number, so please keep the school updated on all current information.


    As a new family, we understand that you may not know anyone to be your emergency contact. Do not hesitate to ask a new neighbor, your class parent, or another parent from your classroom if they will be your emergency contact. Don’t forget to update the form should you meet someone else that you feel more comfortable having as a contact or if any of your contact numbers change, especially cell phones.


    Early dismissal can occur due to inclement weather or other emergencies. Please make sure your forms are up-to-date so that you can be reached. Failure to do so can mean that your child will have to remain at school. The district mails these forms out. You may have already received them or will be receiving them shortly.


    After School Clubs

    The After School Clubs Committee of the PTA offers a range of classes and activities to registered students. You must be a member of the PTA for your child to participate. The Fall session of clubs begins in September. The programs meet at school from 3:10-4:10pm.

    To learn more or to register for a club, you can access the various offerings and information via the After School pages on the Fox Meadow PTA website. Registration information for the Fall session will be sent out to parents via email as soon as it is available. Please be sure to sign up before the deadline. Absolutely no late registrations can be accepted.

    Subsequent registration periods for the Winter/Spring Semesters will be posted on the After School Clubs pages as well as communicated via email.


    School Closing and Holidays

    Check the Scarsdale Schools calendar or the Scarsdale Community Calendar for school closings.




    School Events, Traditions, and Curriculum


    School Open House

    Parents are invited to their child’s classroom for Open House, which will be held at school at 6:30-8:30pm on Thursday, September 12. Teachers make a presentation about the upcoming year and answer any questions you might have. Every effort should be made to attend.


    Parent / Teacher Conferences

    All students have three half days in December when conferences take place with every student’s parents. In March, conferences take place for grades K-2 only, and those students will have three more half days. Grades 3-5 will not have conferences or half days in March.



    Halloween is enthusiastically celebrated at Fox Meadow. Children come to school in costume for a much-loved Halloween parade. This year the parade will be held on Thursday, October 31. Beginning at 9:00am, all parents are invited to watch the students’ parade in the front circle. Most children, especially the younger ones, enjoy having someone there to cheer them on. Younger siblings entering K the following year (Future Foxes) are welcome too!



    Please visit the Fox Meadow web page and click on the heading “Curriculum” to learn more about the Scarsdale Public School elementary school curriculum.  There you will find a brief overview of the elementary curriculum.


    Musical Instruments

    In 3rd grade, students have an opportunity to try out a number of different instruments. At the end of that year, students may select an instrument to continue to play in 4th grade and beyond. Students who choose to play an instrument in 4th and 5th grade belong to either the band or orchestra and receive a group lesson once every 6-day school cycle. Please visit the Fox Meadow web page and click on the heading “Curriculum” to learn more about the music curriculum for all elementary grades.


    PTA Events and Activities

    The Fox Meadow PTA is a not-for profit organization made up of parents, teachers and administrators. PTA activities include extracurricular activities, which are detailed below, raising funds to support these initiatives, and bringing the Fox Meadow School community together. Almost all Fox Meadow families belong to the PTA and volunteer on one or more committees. To learn more about the PTA, please go to the school website and click on PTA under the Parents drop down menu.


    Fox Meadow PTA Website

    Many school forms and other information are now available online on our PTA website.  You can access the PTA pages by going to the Scarsdale Schools website, hover on “Our Schools”, then click on “Fox Meadow Elementary School”, then hover on “Parents”, then click on “PTA”, or just click here.


    Fox Meadow PTA Calendar

    The PTA calendar is available on the Fox Meadow PTA page. Please note that the PTA Calendar is different from both the Fox Meadow Elementary School Calendar and the District Calendar. The PTA calendar lists many PTA organized school-only events, including relevant sales dates, club information, and other events that are not listed on other calendars. The Fox Meadow School Calendar has events managed directly by the Fox Meadow teachers and faculty.  The District Calendar has district-wide events.  Finally, the general District Calendar for holidays and vacation dates is found here and updated annually when the District releases the schedule of school year for the upcoming year.


    Fox Meadow PTA Email

    Up-to-date information about school activities is sent to parents by email.  If you wish to be added to our email distribution list, please send us an email at foxmeadowpta@gmail.com or click here to be directed to a form to be added directly to the distribution list. Please note that this email will be used only for legitimate school or PTA business and your email address will not be disclosed or released to other parties.


    PTA Meetings

    Everyone is invited to attend the approximately six PTA meetings over the course of the school year. Some are held during the school day and some are held in the evenings. Meetings consist of PTA business followed by an educational program or discussion of topics of general interest. The first PTA meeting for 2019-20 is Thursday, September 26th at 7:30pm in the NMPR.   


    Student Directory and SchoolBee

    Families who join the PTA will have access to the online directory School Bee, an invite-only website and a downloadable app from which you can access the Fox Meadow directory from your smartphone, display up-to-date Fox Meadow household information for other Fox Meadow families (address, e-mail, phone, parents), and scroll through organized group lists (like Fox Meadow personnel, PTA committees, and student and faculty teams, sorted by class and grade). The PTA will also distribute in the Fall a hard copy of the directory (referred to as the Red Book) to all families who join the PTA.  For more information about School Bee, click here.



    The Weekly is a weekly email newsletter sent every Sunday afternoon from the PTA informing parents about the upcoming week and contains important information not available elsewhere, as well as crucial deadlines. Please be sure that our record of your email address is up-to-date. Sign-up for the weekly here.


    Fall Benefit Fundraiser

    The Fall Benefit is the PTA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The event is hosted by the PTA for all parents in the Fox Meadow community, as well as Fox Meadow teachers. This year’s benefit is a fun night out to be held on Friday, November 8th at 7:00pm at Scarsdale Golf Club. This event offers an opportunity to meet other parents and socialize with the teachers who attend.



    The Makerspace at Fox Meadow was started several years ago by a team of teachers looking for ways to provide students of all ages with opportunities to learn about building, coding, designing, and creating. Our thinking is aligned with the maker movement that begins with the assumption that children learn by tinkering, playing, failing, and persevering as they learn how everyday objects work. The projects in the Makerspace are always changing. Participants learn STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, design, and math) topics through hands-on activities. The Makerspace allows Fox Meadow students opportunities to apply their knowledge in different, fun, and creative ways. Students may meet before school, during lunch periods, or after school through clubs. They will engage with the design process as well as make and construct exhibits or projects with their schoolmates. Some examples might be creating a box community that incorporates circuits in second grade, windmill power generators in third grade, arcade games for the FM fair, 3D printing parts for classroom use, and working on projects that inform the community on recycling and waste. Our teacher team presents at conferences and is reaching out to other groups to connect and see what others are also doing. Parents and community members can join the school Makerspace community on Google+. In addition, the PTA Makerspace Committee runs free lunchtime Makerspace clubs for grades 1 through 5 during the winter months.


    Fox Meadow Fair

    This is a one day fair held on Saturday, May 9th from 11:00am to 3:00pm. There are games, casual food, and lots of other entertainment for the whole family. You will have many opportunities to volunteer for this major Spring event. All five elementary schools hold their fairs on the same day and sports for the elementary schools are canceled during hours of the Fair. Like the Fall Benefit, this is one of Fox Meadow’s main community events.


    Young Writers Workshop (YWW) Conference

    The Young Writers Workshop Conference is a morning seminar for grades 3-5 held on a Saturday, and organized by the PT Council (an umbrella PTA Organization for all of Scarsdale). This year, the YWW Conference will be held on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Children enjoy participating in various workshops taught by professionals ranging from children’s authors to media personalities. Sports activities are curtailed so as to not conflict with the Young Writers Workshop Conference. Parents will receive a letter by mail/email to sign up for the program. Read more here.


    Other PTA Programs

    In addition to the programs listed above, the PTA sponsors visiting authors and artists for all grades, the Learning to Look art appreciation program, an Abilities Awareness program, kindergarten first day of school gift, homework planners for grades 3-5, a school play for grades 1-5, and many 5th grade activities to commemorate the final year of the children’s years at the school.


    Other Sources of Information

    Scarsdale Community and PTC Calendar

    This calendar gives dates for school holidays, individual school events, meetings and village events.  It is available online here, and physical copies are distributed by mail to every household in August.  Extras can be obtained from the Village Hall or by contacting PTC directly at ScarsdalePTCCommunityCalendar@gmail.com.  This calendar is produced annually by the Scarsdale Parent Teacher Council (PTC) and published through the sponsorship of various local businesses.  Information on annual sponsors that also have phsyical calendars for distribution are listed below the online calendar on the PTC webpage.

    For information about the calendar, or if you would like to add or change a community event on the online version of the calendar, please contact PTC by email at ScarsdalePTCCommunityCalendar@gmail.com


    Infinite Campus Parent Portal

    The Scarsdale school system participates in an Infinite Campus Parent Portal, which is a district-wide database system used to manage student records, such as attendance, class lists, report cards, and other information.  Click on this link to find information on how to set up a parent portal account: https://www.scarsdaleschools.k12.ny.us/Page/362


    Scarsdale Inquirer (weekly local newspaper)

    This newspaper covers local current events along with school and community activities. Important information is provided, such as garbage collection changes and holiday closings.


    Newcomer Information Packet

    Information about Scarsdale Village facilities and activities is available at Village Hall. This is a very useful packet for newcomers to the community.


    Scarsdale New Residents Club

    If you are new to the area and interested in meeting new people, the Scarsdale New Residents Club is a social club established to provide support and friendship. Activities include informal monthly coffee mornings on the first Friday of every month as well as social events such as golf, tennis, walking group, book club, game nights, movie nights, playgroups, and trips. To find out more, please visit their web site (http://www.mysnrc.com).


    Local Cable TV


    Channel 77- Covers information from Scarsdale Schools, including snow day information and school related programs.

    Channel 75- Scarsdale Village Information




    Channel 27- Covers information from Scarsdale Schools, including snow day information and school related programs.

    Channel 42- Scarsdale Village Information


    Radio Station

    WFAS 1230 AM


    Scarsdale Recreation Programs

    To receive email regarding registrations for Scarsdale Recreation Sports, you must set up an account directly with Scarsdale RecOnline. Please go to this link to view all of the Recreation Department’s programs. Neither the school nor the PTA advertises the Recreation Department’s sports registrations.