• 2019-2020 Learning to Look – Modern Art at the MoMA

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    Lesson Schedule

    Welcome to Learning to Look (LTL) for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Learning to Look is a PTA sponsored, parent taught program that fosters our children's appreciation for art.  We offer 5 different curricula that rotate each year for children in grades 1-5. The curriculum for this school year is Modern Art At the MoMA. For our Kindergarten students, we offer a special curriculum focusing on the Elements of Art, which addresses art fundamentals. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year and to another successful year of introducing our children to the wonders of fine art.

  •  Requirements of a Parent Volunteer:
    The curriculum has a total of 6 lessons throughout the school year. Each parent will teach a maximum of 2 lessons in pairs. Parent volunteers may access training material on this Learning to Look website for the lessons that they are scheduled to teach. If after reviewing the materials you have additional questions, we would be happy to help you prepare as needed. As a parent volunteer, you will visit your child’s class and teach the material in an age appropriate manner.  After you teach, you will help the children with an activity relating to the artwork. Materials for each project will be available in the brand new LTL closet located across from multipurpose room. We would like to culminate the program at the end of the school year with a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) to see the original work that was studied this year. This trip would require parental involvement and will depend on budget and availability. If trip is organized, parent volunteers are expected to attend the trip for their class and lead a group of children through the museum.

    Listed below is information that you will need to make LTL a terrific experience for your child and his or her classmates.  We have found that the success of this program depends strongly on the involvement and preparation of our Parent Instructors.  In order to make you as effective an Instructor as possible, please read this information and follow the suggested guidelines.

    Binder/Curriculum — Each LTL Instructor receives a binder complete with the entire school year LTL curriculum and color reproductions of the artwork.  The binders are expensive to produce and will be used in future years.  Plan to make notes on separate paper and do not write in the books.  Use the binders as a resource to prepare for your classroom presentation but please be prepared to talk to students and not ‘read from binder'.  LTL volunteers that return binders that are not usable for future years will be subject to the $25 purchase price. We have also included the binder contents for your convenience on this website. A link to each activity is provided below as well.

    Artwork — There are posters of the artwork available for your use during lessons. Posters are stored in the PTA-Learning to Look closet across from the large multi-purpose room. You will be visiting your child’s class and presenting the posters. Additionally, the artwork to support this year’s curriculum has been put on this website and is also available in ArtStor.org. Please try to plan ahead as we have to accommodate every class in the school.

    Schedule — There will be 6 classes that the parents will present to the children. The suggested schedule is as follows. 

    October: First class— Portraiture: A Comparison of Styles
    November: Second class— Portraits and Figure Painting in the Art of Picasso
    January: Third class— Landscapes and Interiors 
    February: Fourth class— Narrative and Genre Painting
    March: Fifth class— Abstract Art
    April: Sixth class—Sculpture
    May: Museum Field Trips (TBD)

    Class Liaison — LTL Instructors need to work together with the classroom teacher as a team to make this program successful.  It is most helpful to your fellow LTL instructors and your classroom teacher to designate one parent per class as the Class Liaison.  This parent will schedule times for classroom presentations with the teacher and assure lessons are scheduled on Google docs calendar.  Please confirm your LTL presentation with your teacher prior to teaching day.

    Preparation and Classroom Presentation
    —The lesson and accompanying project need to be prepared for in advance and presented in an organized and interesting manner. If you are presenting with a colleague, please discuss who does what ahead of time. Reading from your notes or the curriculum will detract from this enriching experience-Make note cards instead. Please do not prepare your own children in advance for the classroom presentations.  This is a specific request from the classroom teachers. Arrive early to gather posters and the art.  Please plan on spending a maximum of one hour in the classroom, including cleanup.

    a.    Addressing Parent Teachers — To set the appropriate tone in the classroom, we ask that you have students and teachers refer to you by your surname, i.e., Ms., Mrs., Dr., when in the classroom.

    b.    Younger children — Please do not bring younger children to the classroom.  They can be distracting for both you and the students. 

    c.    Cell Phone — Please turn off your cell phones to vibrate before the lecture starts.  Also, please refrain from extraneous conversation during the lecture.

    d.    “Ask Me About…” — At the end of each lesson, please email (or ask Liaison to email) the handouts “Ask Me About”. They reinforce key points of the classroom presentation.

    Museum Field Trips — If trips are organized, children will go on a class trip to either the MET to tour the Gallery where the paintings are housed or another museum for younger students. Trips are organized by grade: e.g.: one grade per day. LTL parent volunteers are expected to attend the trips. Each class will have 3 LTL parent volunteers, each of whom will act as a ‘teacher’ and walk a small group of 6-8 students through the museum. Each of the small groups will also have a second chaperone to assist with student safety. The second chaperone may include the teacher and/or teacher assistant. The LTL committee will only pay for museum admission of 6 adults per class, including teachers.

    We are fortunate to live near many, world renowned museums and these trips are a treat available to few schools. The success of the trip experience depends on the parent volunteers and chaperones. Parents are there to assist with the learning and safety of the students not to socialize with each other. As such, parents must refrain from extraneous conversation and cell phone during the trips. Additionally parents are reminded that they may not purchase anything for any student from vendors or other local stores. All students must stay in with their school group, travel by District bus and may not deviate away with their parents for lunch or any other reason, unless written, express permission is granted by Heathcote principal, Maria Stile in advance.

    We look forward to seeing you throughout the year, and to another successful year of introducing our children to the wonders of fine art. 

    Veronika Roberts, Reshma Shetty & Aggy Shawn, LTL Co-Chairs      ltl.heathcote@gmail.com

    Ingrid Papale, Kindergarten Chair      ibirkhofer@gmail.com