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    Posted by David Sherrin on 3/7/2019

    Final Exam Research Paper: 4-8 Paper due on May 8th. Must submit hard-copy and submit via turnitin.



    Step 5: Tuesday, April 30 - must include full versions of 4 primary sources in your googledrive folder. To locate primary sources, try the following:

    • Google your topic PLUS "primary sources." Example: (1980 US Soviet Olympic hockey primary sources)
    • Google your sources PLUS a specific form of primary source. Example: (1980 US Soviet Olympic hockey newspaper) or (1980 US Soviet Olympic hockey interview)


    Step 4: Read (or raid) your books and journal articles and take notes by Thursday, April 25. Notes should go in your googledrive folder. You can choose your notetaking format but make sure to record author and page # of each piece of information.

    • -Decide if you will READ or RAID
    • -If you are RAIDING, read introduction, choose certain chapters and pages based on the index. Focus on what will help you answer your question.


    Step 3: Post your final exam research question by Thursday, March 28 (see pg. 6 of packet for tips). Bring TWO books about your topic (using high school library, westchester library, or amazon) and 1-2 journal articles should be saved in your folder by Thursday, March 28 (see pages 9-10 of packet for tips). Use JSTOR to find journal articles.

    Step 2: Post your Final Exam Research Paper topic here by Thursday, 2/14 end of the day. The project assignment is in the folder. Make sure to also create your googledrive folder within your class folder and begin storing key resources you find.

    Due Thursday, March 7: Find five tertiary sources (database or good internet sources), store in your folder, and read the sources. You don't need to begin to take notes yet, but jot down the names of particular people, events, etc. that you find interesting that you might want to learn more about.

    Step 1: Choose your topic

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