• Spring 2019 After School Club Descriptions


    Abracadabra Quest, Hobby Quest (K-2)

    If illusions and mysterious feats are your favorite way to impress people, join us in Abracadabra Quest and learn how to become a real magician today! In this magical Quest, we will teach you everything you need to know to become a real performing magician!  You’ll learn all of the secrets that have been guarded for centuries by magicians! Reading your audience’s minds will be a piece of cake after you learn our “Mind Reading Paper” and “Dice Prediction” tricks! Next you’ll discover the “Magic Blank Deck”, where you will dazzle your friends and family by turning a blank deck into an actual deck of playing cards right in front of their eyes!  Some tricks will amaze even the most seasoned magicians, like when you turn one die into a bunch of smaller die with the “Color Exploding Dice” trick! If that wasn’t enough, we’ll make sure your parents get a chance to see exactly how fascinating your performance is by inviting them in for a real magic show at the end of the semester! So if you’re ready to learn how to do some REAL magic, sign up for Abracadabra Quest today!Learn it!  Perform it! Keep it!


    Camp Crafts with Peri Satin (K-3)
    Join Peri Satin for fun Monday afternoons doing all kinds of Camp Crafts! The projects are always different, so please join us even if you've signed up before. This year's projects will include everything from print-making to tie dye and so much more. Come enjoy some art, some friends, and some time to just relax and have fun. See you there!

    Schoolhouse Chess, Mad Science (K-5)

    Schoolhouse Chess is devoted to helping kids develop learning and thinking skills by teaching them chess. Chess has been proven to help with logic, memory, analysis, reading, and mathematics, and has even been shown to improve IQ. However, Schoolhouse Chess understands the importance of making learning fun! We teach chess with fun characters and stories that are woven into a logical, step-by-step curriculum that begins with the basic rules and extends through advanced strategies and tactics.


    Lego Stop Motion Animation, Digital Arts Experience (2-5)

    Learn how movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wallace and Gromit, and more were made. Stop motion animations are created by taking lots of individual pictures and playing them back at a certain speed to create movement. Students will explore stop motion animation by creating stories with Legos. Students can expect to finish this class with several completed animations.


    Dodgeball, Fenom (3-5)

    In to throwing,catching and running around? Join Fenom coaches, as participants will learn the rules and fundamentals of playing a classic. Coaches will also add a twist to your classic dodgeball game and incorporate elimination rounds as well as “jail-breaks.”


    Yoga With a Twist, Stephanie Simon  (3-5)

    This fun yoga class will include playful movement to develop healthy bodies and a calm, focused mind. Students will learn lots of poses that are related to aspects of nature, such as trees, birds and animals.  With fun music, teamwork, partner challenges and games we will explore different ways to breathe, move and be mindful in our everyday lives. Please bring a yoga mat.



    Clay, Clay Art Center After School (K-2)

    Join ceramic teaching artists with a passion for nurturing creativity, in this fun and educational after school club. Students will learn clay handbuilding skills including coiling, pinching and slab work. Projects will include fun and funky sculptures, as well as functional pottery!

    Sensational Sweets Cooking, Kids Cookery (K-2)

    Winter is the perfect time for melting chocolate and drizzling over pretzels before we top with sprinkles. If you love creating desserts, then this is the class for you! Some of our Winter recipes are chocolate chip cookies, fruit jam squares, apple pie muffins, a Valentine’s Day sweet surprise, fruit kabobs with a dipping sauce and homemade chocolate/marshmallow pizza.Each week we will prepare a recipe while learning how to measure, follow instructions and work as a team. Come join this “hands on” class.


    Gaga, Talon Athletics (K-2)

    Gaga is back! In this exciting game, students will develop their abilities in eye-hand coordination, agility, jumping, striking and dodging along with strategic thinking skills through play. The skills learned in Gaga can translate to other sports as well so join us for this high-energy, fun club!


    Creating with Code with Mr Casal (K-2) & (3-5)

    Scratch the itch to Tynker with the Creating with Code Club. In this club, students will use multiple platforms to be introduced to the concepts of coding. Scratch, Code.org and Tynker are the leading coding-for-kids platforms and will be the core of the experience. But coding ins't just a single-dimensional activity specific to a computer screen or website. In addition to web-based activities we will be using robots like the Wonder Workshop Dash to code them to interact with their surroundings, making coding tangible and three dimensional. Students will learn the basic concepts of coding but at the same time be able to create unique projects and experiences based on their own interests, with coding as the medium. In this club, 3-5 students will use multiple platforms to be introduced to the concepts of coding and push the limits of what we know.


    Basketball, Fenom (3-5)

    Looking to become the next Fenom Fire star? Come join our Fenom Fire basketball coaches for a fun-filled learning experience. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting a basketball.


    Secret Agent Lab, Mad Science (3-5)

    Step into the shoes of a detective and uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis. You will probe the science of tracking as you stamp out scenarios and uncover codes in this session. Some of the weekly topics in this session include : Crime Lab, Cracking the Case, The Science of Security, Agent Undercover, Sleuths on the Scene, Funky Forensics, Spy Academy, Junior Detectives, Discover Detection and Whodunit?



    Heathcote's Got Talent!, Artistree (K-2)

    Does your child love to perform? Then Heathcote's Got Talent is the club for them! Each week students will participate in group acting, dance and vocal games to get them warmed up and ready to perform. After working on a group number, the students get to break up into solos, duets or trios and choose what "talent" they want to showcase. It could be dancing, singing, telling jokes, whatever!  Artistree's professional staff will coach them for their final performance on the last day of class for family and friends.  If the stage is calling your child, make sure they're a part of "Heathcote's Got Talent!"


    backyard sports, backyard sports (K-2)

    A sports program uniquely designed to give young athletes of all ability levels exactly what they want and need, a chance to participate in competitive play without the fear of judgment or making mistakes.  Participants will have an opportunity to participate in a range of traditional and non-traditional games and team sports including basketball, soccer, pillow hockey, team handball, ultimate Frisbee, and lacrosse. Activities are designed in appropriately competitive progressions to make modest athletes successful and better athletes leaders. Just like in one’s own backyard!


    Jewelry Making with Ms Cameron (K-2)

    Don’t forget the most important parts of fashion...the accessories! Come get creative while getting the know the basics of jewelry and accessory design. Each week, students will create a new piece of jewelry or accessory item to take home including, necklaces, bracelets, hair pieces and other fabulous fashion accents. Students joining this club will learn beading techniques, friendship bracelets, pins, barrettes and much more.  Every child will create one of kind designer looks that are fun to wear, make great gifts and will wow all their friends! Hope to see you there!


    MakerSpace Plus with Ms. Boyer and Ms. Leary (2-5)

    Making is a habit of mind where creativity is the first ingredient. The MakerSpace is often associated with fields such as engineering (designing, prototyping, building, etc.). The concept that emerges from the maker culture is associated with Make magazine and the Maker Faires it promotes. It is essentially a collaborative space for creative endeavors. MakerSpaces allow students to take control of their own learning, as they are designing projects and creating with their hands. Through making, students gain confidence in their own abilities and become engaged at deeper levels. Many skills can be taught in a traditional classroom setting but they are typically learned through practice and coaching. In the MakerSpace ASC, children will learn and hone problem-solving skills. Some projects will be designed to teach a specific skill such as using a hammer or a sewing machine. Other projects will use acquired skills for an undefined process––students can design their own outcomes, which is incredibly powerful.


    Edible Art, ABC Cakes (3-5)

    Are you an artist? Have you ever really wanted to eat your art project when you were done with it? Well now you can! Learn to create miniature edible pieces of art that you can take home and share with your family. In this series of classes you create decorations and treats for assorted baked goods including cupcakes, cookies, bars, and many more! You will work with frosting, fondant, and other edible materials.



    Spanish with Senor Johnson (K-2)

    The K-2 Spanish club provides an opportunity for students to begin learning the basics of Spanish, or build on the Spanish that they are learning in 2nd grade. The students will practice listening and speaking Spanish through fun activities and songs.


    backyard sports, backyard sports (3-5)

    A sports program uniquely designed to give young athletes of all ability levels exactly what they want and need, a chance to participate in competitive play without the fear of judgment or making mistakes.  Participants will have an opportunity to participate in a range of traditional and non-traditional games and team sports including basketball, soccer, pillow hockey, team handball, ultimate Frisbee, and lacrosse. Activities are designed in appropriately competitive progressions to make modest athletes successful and better athletes leaders. Just like in one’s own backyard!


    We All Scream for Ice Cream, Sew Happy (1-4)

    Join Sew Happy and learn the life skill of sewing.  Proudly show your ice cream themed projects to friends and family. This club starts by teaching the basic techniques of sewing (like threading a needle and tying a knot) through to stitch types and buttons.  We believe at Sew Happy that kids benefit from sewing in many ways. Not only is it great for hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, focus and concentration, it may even steer them away from gadgets, giving children a lifetime vehicle for personal and creative expression!  All Sew Happy projects are designed in-house, made in the USA and use felt made from recycled water bottles.


    Aviation Quest!, Hobby Quest (2-5)

    Get ready to go on a high flying adventure and join us for Hobby Quest’s Aviation Quest!  We’ll start our journey by going back in history and building the Boeing P-26, a super realistic model using a rubber band powered engine and depicting the first American all-metal production fighter used by the United States Army Air Corps in 1932!  By next creating the Avatar, we’ll be coming back to today’s technology by building this lightweight, yet durable, free flight electric plane. The Avatar is on a quest to discover the world, and you’ll be along for the ride! The Batman hardly needs an introduction.  This masked hero’s super cool helicopter will take him to new heights to help complete his quest! Those are just some of the amazing things you’ll build in Aviation Quest. We’ll learn all about different types of airplanes and fun flight facts, and even about Bernoulli’s Principle!  Don’t wait to start your quest – sign up today! Build it! Fly it! Keep it!


    Studio Art-Painting with Ms Cameron (3-5)

    Discover the process of painting, composition and having fun while producing quality work. Artists joining this club will learn some of the basics of painting including color theory, underpainting, paint application and explore a variety of different brush techniques.  Students will be guided step by step through the process of recreating the composition featured for each week. We will be exploring acrylic paint on one of the following surfaces: canvas panels, canvas paper, stretch canvas, light wood and paper. ‚ÄčThemes for each class will vary and may include the following: Still-life objects, flowers, animals, portraits, and landscapes.  Students will also have the opportunity to bring in pictures of interest from home as a part of their independent painting projects.



    Crazy Chemworks, Mad Science (K-2)

    Come and spark imaginative learning with some Mad chemistry. Watch as we combine elements and make them fizz, crackle and change color! We’ll delve into molecules and chemical reactions that produce light, gas and even slime. Some of the weekly topics in this session include : Lab Works, Junior Reactors, p.H. Phactor, Slime Time, The Glow Show, Dry Ice Capades, Icky Sticky Stuff, Chemistry Corner, The Mystery of Chem and Kitchen Chemistry.


    Fenom Warrior, Fenom (1-2) & (3-5)

    Participants will learn the importance of a warm up  and the correct way to work through a specific exercise station. Players will also  have the opportunity to go through mini obstacle courses that incorporate a log carry, medicine ball relays, hurdles, rings and more!


    Winter Warm Up Cooking, Kids Cookery (3-5)

    Using the season’s freshest ingredients we will prepare a variety of wholesome recipes to bring home for baking on a cold Winter day. Some of the items on our menu are muffin tin lasagna cups, NY style soft pretzels, apple square cake bars, stromboli, a special Valentine’s day sweet treat, taco dip and chips, personal pizza, and our famous Irish soda bread. As always, there will be a few “pop up” recipe surprises. Each child will prepare their own recipe while learning how to be measure and enhance skills such as teamwork and personal achievement. Come join this class and express your creativity with food!


    The Crayola Imagine Arts Academy (World of Design), Mad Science (3-5)

    Children take a journey to the farthest reaches of the imagination while learning about the ocean, the rain forest, Mars, a futuristic city, and more! They experiment with Crayola® products and many art techniques like sculpting, story-boarding, collage, and mixed media. They discover design careers like graphic design, universal design, urban design, and product design. Some of the weekly topics in this session include: Comic Book Heroes, Pitch Your Product, Game On, Futureville, Picture Perfect, Universal Tree House, Mars Habitat, Wild Animation. 


    *Please note all cooking/food clubs will require an additional allergy waiver. 

  • Please contact the ASC Co-Chairs, Gina Waldman and Ali Gordon, at ascheathcote@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.