• Lunch Order Submission for December & January Menus

    Dear Edgewood, Fox Meadows, Greenacres, Heathcote and Quaker Ridge Parents,

    Due to a recent integration between Nutrislice and MySchoolBucks, you may be noticing some changes and possibly receiving unfamiliar error messages.

    As mentioned in the update I posted on the Nutrislice website/app, you may receive one of the following error messages.

    • An “Invalid User” message is an indication that your profile information may be incomplete or does not coincide with the information on your MySchoolBucks account. If after reviewing, this is not the case, please try clearing the cache.
    • If you receive an “Invalid Payment Method” error message, please refresh the page and try placing the order(s) again.
    • An “Insufficient Funds” error message will appear if you do not have enough funds readily available to purchase all of the items in your cart. For example, if you are placing orders for ten days @ $5.50 per day, you must have at least $55.00 readily available in your MySchoolBucks account. Please note, since the current system is on a slight delay, these orders will appear as “Submitted”; however, once the verification is complete and if the funds are not available, all of the orders in your cart will be rejected. You will receive an email from Nutrislice confirming the rejected status. If the orders have been rejected, you must replenish your MySchoolBucks account and resubmit your orders. I have included instructions for resubmission below.

    Full user instructions for resubmit button:  Open Nutrislice App or scarsdaleschools.nutrislice.com website > Log in if not logged in > Open Menu (Three bars) >   "Your Account" > "Order History" > Hit "+" button on an order rejected for Insufficient Funds > Hit Red "Resubmit Order" button.

    Additionally, to assist with this transition, the maximum deposit amount for MySchoolBucks has recently been increased to $170.00. Please note that the system does not recognize accounts on auto replenish, so if your balance is low prior to the replenishment, orders may be rejected. However, MySchoolBucks offers alternate options. Rather than using the low balance auto payment option, you may choose the auto payment option on a recurring basis up to $100. The frequency of payments can be set to every two weeks, three weeks or monthly.

    At your earliest convenience, please check your email and order history to confirm that all recents orders have been successfully submitted. If they have been rejected and you are unable to place orders due to the pre-ordering cut-off, please email me and I will gladly help facilitate those orders. The team at Nutrislice and I have changed the status of orders through December 7, 2018 from rejected to submitted. Beginning with December 10th, I urge you to resubmit any rejected orders to ensure proper processing of these orders. Since this integration will allow electronic debiting of your account(s), it’s pertinent that you review your current orders for duplicates and overall ordering accuracy. I also suggest reviewing profile information to confirm that all information is correct. Please remember to adhere to the cancellation policy listed on the Nutrislice site/app to avoid unnecessary charges.

    Also, please be on the lookout for the new January menu featuring several new options. They will be posted no later than December 14th.

    As always, thank you for your patience. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email or telephone. I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season!

    Warm Regards,

    Tara Cook
    Interim Director of Dining Services