• Calendar Shares should include a Current (local, state, national or world event) and Personal Event. Dates (M-F only) will be assigned to each child. Each of you will present on your assigned date, sharing your information.  There is no written component. In addition to presentation skills, however, we will be looking for correct grammar and accurate information. Remember whatever site you choose, be sure your event is current!
    Some possible websites to use:
    You are not limited to these. If you search 'news for kids,' or 'current events for kids,' you should find some! 
    Have fun with it!
    March Dates:
    3/2 Benny
    3/3 Mikey
    3/4 Mrs. Sturek
    3/5 Mrs. Ramos
    3/6 Aaron
    3/9 Nikolaus
    3/10 Zack
    3/11 Devon
    3/12 Ursie
    3/13 Peter
    3/16 Annabelle
    3/17 Nate
    3/18 Ali
    3/19 Sophie
    3/20 Laila
    3/23 Henry B
    3/24 Ania
    3/25 Paloma
    3/26 Becca
    3/27 Zak
    3/30 Roop
    3/31 Henry Y
Last Modified on February 27, 2020