- In football you must get 10 yards for a first down and you have 4 attempts to do this

    - In football you have an offensive line, a defensive line and special teams players

    - Offenisve line is out on the field with their teams' quarterback, the defensive line is out with the opponents quarterback and the      special teams players come out to kick off the ball, punt the ball, score field goals and the extra point

    - A touchdown is worth 6 points; then you can either go for the extra point, where you kick a field goal, or you run the ball in for a 2    point conversion

    - The quarterback passes or hands off the ball, the receivers make the long and short catches. The running backs run, catch,    block and even sometimes even throw a pass. The are the definition of the all-around player.

    -The special teams player, the Place Kicker, is the individual who kicks the ball off the tee to start the game/second half and kicks    field goals  (either earns 1 point for the team after a touchdown or earns 3 points by going for a field goal kick when the team    knows they can't get a touch down.)

    - The special teams player, the Punter, punts the ball when the team is on their 4th down and will not be able to score a touchdown.

    - Each quarter in football is 15 minutes and the game is devided into two halves

    - Time outs must be used wisely, since each coach is only given three per half

    - Fumbles can only be caused by another player not the ground. This is when the defense causes an offensive player to drop the     ball when offense has possession.