• Butler English 8 Course Expectations


    “Literature seems to offer lessons in human nature that help us decode the world around us and be better friends.”  ~Nicolas Kristof

    Welcome to Butler English 8!  This will be an exciting year to sharpen your reading, writing, listening, speaking, and visual literacy skills in English class and beyond.     

    Expectations:  You are expected to arrive to class on time and with your required materials.  You must be actively engaged in class and group discussions, projects, and activities.  This class is built on a deep foundation of respect for yourself, others, and property. Participate in positive ways!   

    Literature:  You will be immersed in the close reading and literary analysis of core novels, plays, short stories, poems, essays, nonfiction articles, and other pieces of literature.  Think critically and creatively. In your English journal, or online using Schoology, you will respond to what you have read with specific assignments. Try to read as much as possible. Make sure to list each book you complete on your online Scarsdale Middle School Reading Record.

    Writing:  You will work on prewriting, drafting, revising, conferencing, editing, and publication of your papers and projects during class and at home. Before you turn in a piece of writing, think about whether it reflects your best work. All final copies and projects must be typed. Authentic assessments such as scoring sheets/rubrics will be used. Also, all individual and team projects will be graded.

    Grammar:  You will be keeping writing errors in your English journal.  In addition, you will receive grammar mini lessons. Work hard to incorporate what you have learned about grammar into your writing.   There will be grammar quizzes.

    Materials:  For Butler English 8 you will need the following:

      • 1 ½” Three-ring binder KEEP IT ORGANIZED!
      • 5 Dividers for the binder (Reference, Literature, Writing, Grammar, and Visual Literacy)
      • Loose leaf paper (Keep 15-20 sheets in your binder at a time)
      • Composition notebook (Half is for writing errors and half is for on-demand writing)
      • Blue or black pens
      • Headphones (when needed for multimedia projects)
      • Scarsdale Middle School Agenda for recording daily assignments as well as for doing long-term planning on the calendar.

    Homework:  Complete your assignments promptly and carefully. For long-term assignments, plan your time carefully to avoid the rush of waiting to the last minute.  Most of the homework is writing assignments that you have begun in class. Please do not hesitate to ask or email me if you have any clarifying questions about an assignment.

    • Homework must be turned in on time. All due dates are posted on the English classroom white board and on Schoology.  Any late work will have 25% of the grade deducted and will only be accepted until the end of the unit. After the unit is completed, the work will not count.  
    • All online work must be submitted by 10 pm on the due date.
    • If an extenuating circumstance arises, then the parent or guardian should write a note to the teacher. An agreement between the teacher and the student must be made for handing the work in promptly.

     Absence(s):  Work must be made up within three school days of an absence unless it is an extended absence of four or more days.  See the teacher for special accommodations in such cases. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to get the work.

    Quizzes and Tests:  Every quarter, you will have quizzes or tests on the literature, nonfiction articles, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, or writing skills.

    Extra Help:  Mrs. Fitzgerald is available for extra help Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Thursdays (Scrapbooking Club is also on Thursdays) during the after school activity period and during lunch on most days with an appointment.