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    Posted by David Sherrin on 9/4/2018

    Redesigning Scarsdale Project


    Due Wednesday 3/12: Your sharktank pitch. Be ready. We will have additional sharktank judges. You have 4 minutes to make your pitch. Here are some things you should consider:

    a) What is the problem? How does your art portray this problem?

    b) What is your solution?

    c) What are you asking for?

    D) Who is saying what?

    Due Wednesday 2/27: Ideating. Who is the "user" who you will attempt to help? Who are three people (users and experts) who you need to talk to in order to get more information before proceeding?


    Homework for Monday, 2/11 - Make sure you've done your neighborhood observations and your interviews. See the assignment packet for details.

    Homework for Tuesday, 2/5: Read chapter 7 of Suburban Nation


    For Wed, 1/30 -- Send me a document with the following. Here is the link.

    1) Three things you like about the plan. Find something specific. Reference the page numbers. 

    2) Three questions you have about the specific plan. Reference the page numbers.

    3) Two questions for Dan about the process of doing this and getting involved in local politics to make this happen.



    You must go to a Scarsdale Board of Trustees meeting on Jan 22. or Feb. 13th and take ethnographic observations/notes.

    Homework for Friday, 1/25 (Bring permission slip) -- Homework for MOnday, 1/28: Read and highlight/annotate Ch. 7 of Suburban Nation.




    Homework for Tuesday, 1/22: Read the two articles I gave you at the end of class about transportation. Also, please fill out the survey about the lesson today on Checking your Privilege


    mework: Wednesday, 1/16: Read the chapter from Suburban Nation and be prepared to discuss:

    • A) What did you learn?
    • B) What did you find interesting?
    • C) Surprising? Problematic? New questions?



    Classwork: Friday 1/11

    Look at your map of Scarsdale. On a separate sheet of big paper, answer these questions:

    1) Is there anything good about the geographical-societal layout of Scarsdale for the livibility, community unity, etc.? (spend at least 5 minutes on this question)

    2) What are 3-5 negative aspects of this layout?

    3) Why do you think Scarsdale turned out this way?

    4) What are four suggestions you have in a perfect world for recreating the Scarsdale map?


    Due Tuesday, Jan. 8: Write a one-page reflection on the Truman Show (handwritten or typed). You may want to answer some of these questions:

    What is the message of the film?  

    What is the film telling us about life? About suburbia?

    What is it telling us about us as Trumans? About us as viewers?

    The film was made before social media...is there a connection we should consider?


    Redesign Voter Experience Calendar


    Due Wednesday, Dec. 12 (end of class): Your final project, all in one googledrive folder that you share with me. Here is the rubric. You need to have the following:

    • Your finalized written pitch (one pitch for the whole group) - 2 pages double spaced (max), describing the problem, your solution (in detail), and incorporating all the specific information you have gathered through interviews to address any possible concerns about implementation. Be sure, at the top, that you make clear who is the audience of the pitch. Here's some helpful information on a good pitch. Additionally, make any necessary revisions to your prototype.


    • Your interview questions and response notes (one per group)


    • Each of your individual reflections. These may be written or video reflections.


    • A video presentation of your revised pitch, showing the prototype (one per group). Make sure you are not reading during your pitch. The presentation can be a maximum of 4 minutes. This is similar to what you did before, I'm just grading this one.









    Homework for Tuesday, 11/17: Make sure you have conducted your four interviews. Probably, the key question is: what could improve your voting experience? (or something of the sort). Fill out the interview sheet that is with the assignment.

    Homework for Wednesday, 11/7: Conduct 15 minutes of ethnographic observations in 1-2 polling places in Scarsdale, Westchester, or NYC. Take careful jottings of data, everything you see, interview. Your focus: How is the voting experience? Afterwards, write up your field notes in 1-2 pages for another 15 minutes. We will use this as the starting piece for a bigger project on redesigning the voting experience (Due: Wednesday, Nov. 7)


    Homework for Sunday, 11/4: Organize your precinct committee and go canvassing with them. Your reflection is due on Sunday. Here's some great ideas for help with a script (if you need).


    Homework for Monday, 10/29: Wash the dishes or cook dinner for your family. While you're doing that, listen to one of these podcasts. When you're done, send me a brief email telling me what you cooked and how it went or what your strategy was for doing dishes and if it worked. If you want to cook but don't know what I recommend looking at the NYTimes cookbook. I love the shakshuka or red lentil soup with lemon recipes. Also, in the email write a 3-5 sentence reflection on the podcast.


    Homework for Friday, 10/26: Email your Harvest student and thank him/her for the visit PLUS ask how s/he ended up at Harvest. What got him/her there? Also, These are the last significant assignments of the quarter.

    1) You need to make sure you've handed in 1-2 reflections about your experience with your Harvest pen pal. Discuss the letters (including disappointment if you didn't get any) PLUS your reflections on the time we spent in Harvest. What interested you? Surprised you? Thrilled you? Disappointed you? What do you hope for in the future. 

    2) You need to write up "field notes" from 1 or 2 places you observed on the trip. You don't need to write up for every place. This means taking your "jottings" and turning them into descriptive narrations of what you saw. Try to avoid "judgments" and just tell what you observed in detail. This should be 1-2 pages. See pages 6-11 of this book on field notes to get a sense of how field notes are written.




    City 2.0 - Political Socialization Survey Analysis (for class). Homework: read this NYTimes article and this article. Might also want to look at 36 Questions to fall in love.



    City 2.0 Deep Dive into an Issue Presentation due Thursday, October 11.


    Homework due Monday, 10/15: Bring in permission Slip. Homework due Friday, 10/19: Write a one-page reflection on your communication with the Harvest student. What suprised you? What did you learn? What is most interesting about this person? What do you hope for? What were you excited or nervous about sharing? Other ideas? Make sure to include at least one quotation from your email to her/him and one from her/him. 

    Homework due Friday, 10/5: You need to send your first email to your Harvest partner. Remember to bring your permission slips.


    Class Assignment: Election radio broadcast

    Homework due Friday, September 14: Take a look (or listen) to one article or website about the NYS primary elections. Come in with one new insight to share. Here are some suggestions:

    • https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/yonkers/2018/08/10/virginia-perez-set-face-off-state-sen-andrea-stewart-cousins/956529002/
    • https://www.andrewcuomo.com/
    • https://cynthiafornewyork.com/
    • https://www.tishjames2018.com/
    • https://zephyrforny.com/
    • https://www.wnyc.org/story/last-minute-fights-emerge-guvs-race/
    • https://www.wnyc.org/story/week-politics-your-new-york-primary-primer/

     Homework due Tuesday, September 18: Ride a Bee-line (westchester) bus for at least 15 minutes. Take a notebook to write down your observations of the experience. Jot down whatever seems particularly interesting or new.


    Homework due Wednesday 9/5: Find an article about one issue affecting Westchester or New York City (or another place where you have lived) in one of the following topics. Bring in your article (on your phone or printed out) and be prepared to share. The topics: Housing, Transportation, School/Work, Environment and/or Food.

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