August 29, 2018

    Dear Edgewood, Fox Meadow, Greenacres and Heathcote Parents,

    The Scarsdale School District, in partnership with our catering service provider, Chartwells Schools Dining Services, is using a mobile lunch ordering application (app). With this new app, powered by Nutrislice, you can conveniently order lunches for your child or children from your computer or smartphone.

    The app allows allows you to place orders weeks in advance. There is a deadline for daily ordering of 10:00 PM the evening before the day of the service. If you have ordered ahead and you need to cancel an order, you can cancel before 7:00 AM the day of the intended order without being charged. Please always review the lunch order with your child/children. If you have forgotten to order with the app and your child is without a meal on that particular day the District will provide a meal to your child and charge your account after the fact. The School Nurse’s allergies list will be checked before a meal is served in this way.

    Prepaid lunch accounts are required for each child to order lunch and to use Nutrislice. Prepaid accounts can be established and replenished online at www.myschoolbucks.com or via a check made out to “Scarsdale School Cafeteria.” For instructions on opening a MySchoolbucks account, see this link - Opening a MySchoolBucks account.

    Nutrislice is a very user friendly application. Below are detailed steps you may follow when ordering for the first time and creating a new account on your smartphone. However, although each step is clearly explained, do know that the system is simple and intuitive. If you happen to find any part of the app confusing, please let us know.

    When you are ready to open your Nutrislice account, have the Student Number (PIN) at hand to create your account and follow the step-by-step instructions listed below:

    1. From Google Play or the App Store, download to your smartphone the Nutrislice app.
    2. Open the app, and on the welcome page, find Scarsdale School District by entering the first few letters of our name; agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    3. Click “Find a Menu” and select your school’s name.
    4. To Place Your Order:
      1. Select the desired date from the row at the top of the screen
      2. Choose the food item(s) you want ordered from the preloaded menu of items available on that particular day (you may be prompted to customize your order)
      3. Click “Add to Order” and  complete your selection(s)
      4. Start the check-out process by clicking the shopping cart icon
      5. You will be prompted to “Create New Profile” - if you wish to save your child’s information for future orders, please create a profile.
    5. Enter your child’s first and last names, Customer ID# (which is the Student Number), and list any allergies your child may have (by creating an account you only need to list allergies once: they will be saved for future reference)
      1. Once you create the profile, there are three stacked lines in the top right corner, and this is also an allergen filter; click on those stacked lines and any items that contain an allergen will be crossed out on the list of offerings.
    6. Select the “Pickup Period” from the drop down menu by identifying your child’s teacher.
    7. Review your order.
    8. Hit “Submit.”
    9. At the end of the process you will see a confirmation screen, which will generate a confirmation  email.

    Please note -

    • The next time you order lunch, your child’s account will be pre-populated when you log on.
    • You must create a separate account for each child you have in our school district. First, create an order for the first child, and when you submit the order you will create a profile as instructed above. You can then start an order for the second child, and when you submit this second order, the drop down menu for "Who is this order for?" will give you the option to “Create a New Profile.” You can create as many profiles as needed.  
    • Orders can be placed up to a month in advance, and must be placed by 10:00 PM the morning of the intended order. Please order as far in advance as possible to assure proper quantities are prepared and that food waste is kept to a minimum.
    • Your child’s MySchoolBucks account will not be charged until the day the lunch order is filled.

    To cancel an order:

    1. Log on to your account.
    2. Hit the “More” button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen
    3. Select “Order History”
    4. Select the item(s) you wish to cancel
    5. To confirm cancellation, click No or Yes
    6. Hit “Cancel” (Remember that to avoid being charged for a lunch order your child will not use, you must cancel it by 7:00 AM on the intended pickup date.)

    You will receive more information on the menu directly from Chartwells Schools Dining Services.  

    If you have any questions, please contact the Interim Food Service Director, Tara Cook - tcook@scarsdaleschools.org.



    Tara Cook

    Interim Food Service Director