• Welcome to Fifth Grade!                     Red Fox Sitting


    How do you feel about the new school year? I wonder what you expect of fifth grade. Sometimes people feel excited, but they may also have worries. It’s natural to have lots of emotions when starting something new.


    This year will be full of interesting projects, strong connections among classmates and with your teachers, and you will grow as a student...and as a person. I have high expectations for you, and I know you'll rise to the occasion. I'm here to help you achieve your fifth grade goals and we'll work as a team to evolve and learn together.


    This is an important year in your life; you’re moving forward and gaining independence, but you’re still strengthening your academic and social skills.


    Let me tell you a bit about my expectations (what I think you should be able to do) this year. You will be asked to put in your personal best effort in all aspects of your school life. That means you will try your hardest on your work in class, your relationships with your classmates, and your homework. You will begin to take more responsibility for your actions and how you deal with challenges and successes.


    I also expect that you will ask for help when you need it. Did you know that is a skill? There will be new information, questions that require deep thinking, and regular assignments. What if you don’t understand something? What do you do? ASK! I am here to help you.


    So what does fifth grade require? Really there are a few basic elements:


    • RESPONSIBILITY - Take credit for the good and the bad.

    • TIME MANAGEMENT - Make sure you plan your time in and out of school to ensure your work’s done in a timely manner.

    • RISK - Try, try, try! Be open to making a mistake or being wrong.

    • PERSONAL BEST EFFORT - Keep a positive attitude about your work and yourself. Put your best foot forward in everything you do.


    I'm looking forward to a wonderful year with you!



    Miss Berger