• SHS PTA Student Directory
    Deadline for Updating/Verifying Household Information: Friday, September 25, 2020

    SchoolBee SHS PTA continues to use SchoolBee*, an online service, for our PTC/PTA-Produced School-Based Student Directories. This online service offers parents:
    • the ability to manage your own family profile and update your contact information in real time, anytime
    • the convenience of providing/updating your contact information for all your children's school directories just once for instant dissemination to all applicable PTAs
    • access to directory information 24/7 on your computer and any web-enabled mobile device
    • one-touch call, text, email, and GPS driving directions
    • organized group lists of faculty/staff by department, PTA executive committee and board members, and students sorted by grade level

    *The elementary and middle school PTAs have all switched to a different directory database from SHS PTA this year. Families with children in multiple schools will need to update their account information on each PTA's separate platform.

    The SHS Student Directory (both online and print) is the property of and is prepared by the SHS PTA. It is intended to facilitate communications among parents, students, faculty, and staff of Scarsdale High School. Student directories are not available for use by or for distribution to the general public. Use of this directory for unauthorized purposes, including but not limited to commercial, political, or charitable solicitations is strictly forbidden. For example, contact information obtained via the student directory may not be used to promote/advertise a business, commercial enterprise, or service, may not be used to call for political action or to promote a campaign, and may not be used to encourage donations to or participation in any other non-profit or charitable organization or endeavor. Unauthorized reprinting or re-distribution of some or all parts of any student directory is also prohibited. Please respect the privacy of our families by not sharing the listings with anyone who is not a PTA member.

    How to Access the Online Directory:
    Follow this link to log in to your SchoolBee account. The email address currently on file with the PTA is your User ID. Follow the prompts to set or re-set your password. Confirm your household information, be sure that all of your children's names and grades are entered correctly, and make any corrections to your profile. If you change your email address in your SchoolBee profile at any time, your updated email will be your new User ID for future logins and will be the address that other SchoolBee users see.

    School-Specific Print Directories:
    PTC/PTA-produced school-specific print directories will be populated with the information derived from SchoolBee. Please be sure to update your contact information by the deadline to ensure that the print directories will be accurate and current.

    Student Directory Procedures and Timeline for 2020-21:
    On or about Sunday, September 6, 2020, SchoolBee accounts will be deactivated across all schools. Invitations will be sent directly from SchoolBee with a unique link to your SchoolBee profile. Check your spam folder if it does not appear in your inbox. Follow the unique link to verify/update your contact information or to set/re-set your password. The information you enter populates the directory visible to all PTA members and will be used to populate school-specific print directories. If you do not want to share any piece of info, please do not provide it. Be sure that ALL children in your household, including those attending other schools, are included in your family's profile. Please notify us of any missing or erroneous grade levels or class codes for your children.

    Instructions for Families New to Scarsdale:
    If you do not receive the SchoolBee invitation on or about Sunday, September 6, 2020, please complete the New Families Contact Information Form. You need to fill out the survey only once per family; the contact information you supply will be used to populate the school-specific PTC/PTA-generated student directories and the mailing lists for the PTA eblasts from which you may unsubscribe at any time.

  • SchoolBee Directory Activation and Distribution of Printed Directory

    SchoolBee accounts will be activated on a rolling basis approximately one week after payment is received. Printed directories will be sent by mail directly from the printer to the shipping address associated with your PayPal transaction.
  • Please email SHSPTADirectory16@gmail.com with any membership/directory questions or if you wish to have your payment waived due to financial difficulty (all inquiries will be kept strictly confidential).

    Thank you for supporting the SHS PTA!