• Google Drive How To

    You will need a Google account to access Google Drive, this account doesn’t have to be associated with Gmail. If you have a Yahoo! or AOL email address, you can use it to create a Google account.


    To view the Fox Meadow PTA training presentation associated with Google Docs usage, click here.


    Below are specific instructions for utilizing Google Docs.


    Accessing Google Drive:

    • Go any google site such as google.com, and click on “Sign In” (Blue button, top right corner)
    • Accessing Google Drive by going to drive.google.com or by clicking on the small tiles on the top right corner that appear after you sign into google
    • Google Drive Interface: Your folders are on the left side, files listed in the middle.


    Points to keep:

    • Create a Google Sheet by clicking on the “New” (Blue button on left side) then choose Google Sheet or Doc..etc. “New” is also where you can create a new folder or Upload a file from your computer.
    • Give your file a name by clicking on Untitled Sheet on the top left corner
    • Microsoft files need to be converted to google docs format to be able to open them on Google Drive
    • Google Drive file types do not count towards your storage quota.
    • To download files, right click on them. To get more download options, you need to open the file, then choose from the “File” menu “Download”
    • To Print a file, click on “File” Then “Print”
    • When you Delete a file, it will stay in your trash folder until you permanently delete it
    • When you delete a file you own, collaborators will still have access while it is in the “Trash”. Once you permanently delete it, Collaborators will not be able to find it.
    • You can recover files by going to trash, and right-click on your file and choose “Restore”
    • It is best to organize your files into folders. You can color code your folders
    • Use Stars to flag files you are currently working on
    • To search within your drive, use the search bar at the top. You can click on the downward arrow to get more search options.
    • If you can’t find your file, using the “Recent” on the left side menu can help you find an item you worked on recently



    • With your file open, click the blue button Share on the top right corner
    • Enter email address(es) — separated by commas if sharing with a specific group,
    • or click on Get Sharable Link and copy the link provided to share with the public (anybody) and email that link to whomever you want
    • Permission - choose sharing permission: can edit, comment or can view. You must choose can edit if you want users to type into the document-- NEW now under advance you can prevent editors from changing access and adding new people
    • Files that are shared with you. For important files that you frequently use, I recommend that you right click and choose “Add to Drive”, and put it in a specific folder. that way you will have easy access and know where to find it
    • If the file shared with you is of particular interest to you, you should make a copy of it, so if the owner deletes it for any reason, you will have a copy (Note: once you make a copy, it will not be updated whenever the original file is updated, and it won’t be shared with the same people except if you chose to share it)
    • Consider sharing a file with “viewing” privileges, if you want to keep your original file intact
    • Consider sharing a file with “commenting” privileges, if you want to keep your original file intact, yet you want collaborators feedback on the file
    • You can’t edit a Google Sheets or Docs from your tablet or mobile device if you open the sheet from your browser(Safari or Chrome) you need to download the Google Sheets (or Docs) App. Only through the Google Sheets App, you can edit a google sheet on a Tablet or Mobile.
      Google Drive mobile app allows you to view and upload files to Google Drive, not edit the files.
      Google recently introduced separate mobile apps for each of its document types
    • To add files to multiple folders, select the file and click “Shift +Z”
    • You can convert PDF to text by right-clicking and choose “open with” and choose google docs.






    Questions?  Please contact the Fox Meadow PTA president who can direct you to the correct person to assist you.