• Finance Guidelines for SHS PTA Committee Chairs

    Please contact the SHS PTA Treasurer for information or if you have questions or concerns about your committee's budget. Please keep in mind that all written contracts for services must be reviewed and signed by the SHS PTA President. Committee chairs may not enter into a binding contract or agreement on behalf of the SHS PTA and may not exceed their budget without prior approval.

    PTA Expenses and Reimbursement:
    SHS PTA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization and will not reimburse individuals for sales tax expenses. When making purchases on behalf of SHS PTA, please obtain a copy of the sales tax exemption form from the SHS PTA Treasurer to present at the time of purchase. Please submit receipts/invoices along with a completed 2022-24 Expense Reimbursement Form to the SHS PTA Treasurer promptly for reimbursement. Cash tips, if any, should be pre-approved, itemized on the Expense Reimbursement Form, and set aside from petty cash in advance of the event.

    The fiscal year ends on June 30. All reimbursement requests accompanied by the appropriate forms and supporting documentation must be received on or before June 16, 2023.

    PTA Income and Petty Cash:
    SHS PTA will provide your committee with petty cash and cash boxes for events that need them. Please contact the SHS PTA Treasurer and allow at least one week’s notice to arrange for delivery. If using a cash box or receiving cash or checks, you will need to fill out an Income Tally Sheet. Sort and count all bills and coins and record the amounts of cash and checks on this form. Please be sure to give all money and the completed form to the SHS PTA Treasurer immediately after the event.

    If your committee sells items or event tickets online, please allow ample time to determine pricing, generate the online sales page, and publicize the items or event. All online sales should be coordinated with the SHS PTA President, Treasurer, and Webmaster.

    Compostable Paper Goods:
    The SHS PTA keeps a supply of compostable paper products for events that need them. We strive to make all events zero waste. Compostable items include plates, cups, napkins, forks, knives, and spoons. Please contact the SHS PTA VP of School Events or SHS PTA Treasurer to access these supplies.

    Please Be Cost Conscious:
    SHS PTA is striving to reduce spending wherever possible so that more money can be spent on programs that benefit our students, parents, and teachers. Please do not spend out of pocket for your committee’s expenses: we need to maintain records that reflect the actual costs of our projects and activities. In addition, please keep in mind that vendors often cut prices or donate services or goods to a nonprofit organization such as the PTA. We have used many local businesses on a regular basis with good results and fair prices. Please contact the SHS PTA Treasurer for suggestions about vendors that we have used in the past before you make any purchases.

    If you have any other cost savings ideas, please share them with the SHS PTA Executive Committee and include them in your notes for the chairs to follow in your footsteps.