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    Fountain 6 Science

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    About My Classroom

    I am looking forward to spending the year exploring science with you! Throughout the year, we will cover units such as the scientific method and metric measurement, ecology, and physics. Lab activities will be inquiry based and hands-on, as well as done primarily in small groups, building the skill of working with others. Students will also learn to work and think independently, graph, and take accurate measurements, along with many other skills. 


    Contact Me

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns at tholtzer@scarsdaleschools.org.


    Extra Help

    To ask questions or seek support, please come by Fountain 75 after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I am also available in Fountain 75 before school every morning. Even if you do not have a question to ask, coming to extra help is a great way to get started on any homework you have!



    Schoology will be used for all class notes, labs and hand-outs, homework assignments, and due dates.

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