The Seven Elements of Innovation

  • The fall of 2014, Scarsdale Center for Innovation (CFI) Co-Directors Jerry Crisci and Lynne Shain worked with Scarsdale Superintendent Dr. Michael McGill to reflect on the components that made Scarsdale Center for Innovation successful. Crisci, McGill, and Shain identified seven key elements that worked together to generate the successful outcomes fo the CFI. They called their list of components "The Seven Elements of Innovation," proposing that any organization could use the seven elements to measure their "culture of innovation" - the ability of an organization to support innovative ideas.

    In the spring of 2014, the trio was invited to Vienna, Austria to speak with school leaders at the Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) Conference. Lynne Shain delivered a keynote speech that detailed the work of the CFI and presented the Seven Elements to the international school leaders in attendance.

    In the spring of 2015, a cross platform app was developed by Jerry Crisci to help teams in any organization measure their culture of innovation, based on the seven elements. Lynne Shain and Jerry Crisci field tested the app with higher education representatives at the New Media Consortium Conference in Washington D.C. In 2018, a web-based version of the app was developed, and that version can be accessed from the link below. Before using the web app, please note the following:

    • The app will take several seconds to load in a browser window. While the app is loading, a blank white screen will be displayed.
    • The app currently will not work on mobile devices.
    • This is a beta release of the app, so the user may encounter some bugs.
    • The print and email buttons in the app function in the standalone app, but do not work on the web.
    • If you have questions or comments about the app, please email Jerry Crisci at


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