Greetings. In this class we study American Government and the second half of U.S. History, from the late 1800s to the present.  Not only will you grow in your knowledge and understanding of the content of American history and the U.S. Constitution, but you will also learn better academic skills, with an emphasis on study techniques, critical and creative thinking, and primary source analysis. I believe in challenging my students but I am transparent about my expectations and will help you do your best, and define success in terms of growth, not grades (though many students achieve in both areas). ALL of my students improve over the course of the school year.   We both have our part to play-- mine is to make my class challenging, engaging and relevant, and yours is to be attentive and respectful during class (doing assigned work and activities, not speaking over me or your classmates, etc)  and prepare thoroughly outside of class (homework, studying, etc).  We have robust class discussions in which all perspectives are welcome, as long as they are expressed in an appropriate and respectful manner.    Please refer to my Schoology page for assignments, exam info and study materials. I can be reached via email at stgoodman@scarsdaleschools.org.