• Heathcote School Food and Allergy Guidelines

    The Heathcote School, Food and Allergy Guidelines, have been established to ensure a safe, nurturing environment while at the same time remaining sensitive to needs of our students. Students come to us with a variety of food sensitivities. Our guidelines have been developed in accordance with district recommendations and best practices as identified by experts in the field of food sensitivity.  

    Our guidelines are successful when our entire community cooperates in following them.

    Our process begins with notifying our school nurse of your child's specific allergy. Parents are asked to update these records annually and in the case of any changes. Students with food allergies are identified in Infinite Campus our student record system. Faculty are alerted to these flags.

    • Heathcote is not a nut-free school.
    • No food is permitted in any student classroom/workspace. All food is to be consumed in designated areas only. Wings, Meeting Room, Stage, etc.
    • No nut products are permitted for student morning snack.
    • Food is not used in any classroom celebrations or shares.  Birthdays, Halloween, etc. are all celebrated without food.
    • Heathcote School does not host bake sales of any type.
    • Food is not used in school projects. We ask that students not use food products in any projects that they will bring to school.
    • Food sharing is not permitted at any time.  We ask that students eat only the food they have brought during snack and recess. Students are reminded of this policy throughout the year.
    • If food is used as part of the curriculum such as the 4th Grade Colonial Fair parents will be made aware of food products to be served.
    • Substitute teachers are made aware of allergies.
    • The Heathcote School Garden program offers an opportunity to taste some of the produce we grow. Parents will be notified of ingredients prior to the tastings.
    • We are aware that nut products can be an excellent source of nutrition. Students are permitted to bring nut products for lunch.  Those students are seated at designated nut tables to eat these products. These students are asked to clean their hands after consuming these products.
    • Our school nurse works closely with faculty members who supervise field trips and extracurricular activities to support students with allergies.