• Meet our new Executive Chef - John “Chef Mike” Wazny

    Chef Mike Wazny is joining the Food Services team at the Scarsdale Public Schools as Executive Chef. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Wazny’s wide experience in cooking and food services staff management includes culinary support for several Fortune 500 companies, among them McGraw Hill, Credit Suisse, and KPMG. Recently he has been overseeing cuisine for the executive lounges at British Airways.

    Chef Wazny is looking forward to sharing his experience and culinary knowledge with the Scarsdale school community. His love of global dishes (in particular, freshly made sushi) will be a great addition and set the stage for innovation.  He plans to focus on wellness, and wants to look beyond typical school meals to create a dining experience for students that is both healthful and enticing.

    Chef Wazny’s experience in staff training and mentoring will facilitate his plans to develop the skills of the District’s food services team.